GEMS creates gems

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The Girls Excelling in Math and Science (GEMS) club strives to involve more girls in math and science through events that both teach girls about various STEM disciplines and provide a place to have fun in a supportive environment. Their most recent event, held Feb 23, did just that: GEMS invited interested girls to the Pre-Engineering lab in the 7000 breezeway, where participants learned to create custom bracelets and rings with jewelry wire and beading. 

Managed by sophomore Victoria Tellez-Rahwan, a seasoned wire jewelry maker herself, the participants learned how to use common engineering lab tools like pliers and wire cutters to design their own accessorized pieces, which they took home and could wear later.

“The point of GEMS is to spread the love of STEM,” senior Junyi Xiu, a co-president of GEMS, said. “We did [the event] as a way to bring girls, STEM or not, together.”

Tellez-Rahwan seconded this. “Through the workshop, girls [were] introduced to various tools used in both robotics and engineering…  [the jewels] are an example of the wide variety of items which can be designed and made with just tools, artistry and imagination.”

Senior Zining Cheng shows off her custom ring, made from a pink gem and rose gold wire. “I felt very accomplished when I figured out a way to combine two rings together into a more complex form. I felt that it truly taught me the flexibility of using wires and other tools to design our own rings,” she said. (Photo/Zining Cheng)

Sophomore Victoria Tellez-Rahwan demonstrates her jewelry. “I proposed this workshop… in order to teach others about the field of STEM,” Tellez-Rahwan said. (Photos/Ella Gohari, Victoria Tellez-Rahwan)

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