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Joseph Richards

Joseph Richards has 15 articles published.

Joseph Richards is the sports editor for the Ipatriotpost. He has always loved writing, and it’s been his passion since he was young. Growing up in Jamaica, he was always surrounded by a lot of nature, and felt like nature always inspired him to write interesting stories and pretty much anything that came to mind at the time; it really just got his creative juices flowing. As a result, he started to write stories constantly until it pretty much became a part of him, becoming a published writer at the age of 10 with a few poems he had composed during that period.

Juan Betancor-Lopez

Representing a country in a national competition is an accolade not many people can achieve; however, junior and varsity soccer midfielder Juan Betancor-Lopez has. He caught the eye of national team scouts over thousands of players to be selected for the squad. (Photo/ Juan Betancor-Lopez) Keep Reading


Marvin Jones All American

Every year, the nation’s top football players are invited to showcase their talents at Under Armour’s All American football game, where the best high school players from the East and West Coast compete for an exclusive championship title. November 2021, senior Marvin Jones was selected to represent the Patriots in the 2022 All-American Bowl, adding his name to the long list of NFL greats who took part in the same match years prior. (Photo/@marvinjonesjrr on Instagram) Keep Reading


Why athletes lose passion for their sports

According to a poll from the National Alliance for Youth Sports, approximately 70 percent of children in the United States stop playing organized sports by the time they become teenagers. Although there are a multitude of possible reasons, I think there are three main causes. (Photo/Joseph Richards) Keep Reading


Haitians beaten at the border

From being the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, to being battered by several earthquakes and hurricanes, to having its president assassinated, it is no question that Haiti is in need of significant economic, political and infrastructural development. However, Haitians are mostly not to be blamed for the current state of their nation. (Graphic/NAACP) Keep Reading

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