Authors to add to your summer reading list 

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Summer break can be a great time to relax and immerse oneself in the world of literature. Whether at home looking for something to read, on a flight going on a trip or at the beach, here are some  writers, whose work screams summer, to add to your reading list.

  1. Jenny Han: Dive into the delightful world of Han’s young adult novels, such as the “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” and “The Summer I Turned Pretty” series. Han’s stories are filled with heartwarming romance, friendships and self-discovery, making them perfect companions for lazy summer days.
  2. Sarah Dessen: With her relatable characters and compelling narratives, Dessen’s novels capture the essence of summer. Some of her stories, such as “Seventeenth Summer” and “Beyond the Summer,” explore themes of love, family and personal growth against the backdrop of a sun-soaked setting.
  3. Elin Hilderbrand: Known as the “Queen of Beach Reads,” Hilderbrand’s books are synonymous with beach reads. Transport yourself to the picturesque island of Nantucket, Mass., with novels like “Summer of ’69,” where secrets and romance abound.
  4. Emily Henry: Henry’s enchanting novels offer a unique blend of romance, humor and a touch of magic. Lose yourself in the pages of her viral novels, “Beach Read” or “People We Meet on Vacation,” where quirky characters and scenic settings make for the perfect summer escape.
  5. Miranda Kenneally: Sports, romance and summer collide in Kenneally’s captivating novels, such as “Breathe, Annie, Breathe.”Her stories follow the journeys of determined athletes as they navigate love, friendship and personal challenges.

As you embark on your summer reading journey, these authors can help transport you to the summertime landscape. This month, soak up the sunshine and immerse yourself into one of their stories. 

Emily Henry’s novel, “Beach Read,” is perfect to read, you guessed it, at the beach, as Junior Aniya Melian and her friends relax and read near the ocean. (Photo/Nina Vieira)