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Romance movies that will make you believe in love

Whether you choose to admit it or not, we all have a hidden love for, well, love. Whether you have a date or are hopelessly single like the rest of us, these movies are guaranteed to make your day a little sweeter. From the classics to some of the more modern additions, this article will guide you through them all.  (Photo/Flickr) Keep Reading


What’s up with Jojo Siwa?

Even if you don’t know who Jojo Siwa is, you’ve probably seen her face somewhere, from dolls to bedding to backpacks to even underwear; even her car and toilet have her face plastered all over it. Siwa, someone known by many tween girls for her hair bows and high ponytails, has recently become even more popular. (Photo/@itsJojoSiwa on Instagram) Keep Reading


Classical music in the world

Mozart. Beethoven. Bach. Liszt. While these men lived and died centuries ago, their names are immortalized in the classical music they composed. Originating in Western Europe, classical music spans more than a millennium and was traditionally classified into six distinct eras. (Portrait/Johann Nepomuk della Croce) Keep Reading


A Movie Review: Spider-Man No Way Home

Spider-Man No Way Home follows our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man as he takes on the multiverse while also trying to cope with the bombshell of the previous movie when his secret identity is revealed to the world. Before I start this review, if you are about to watch this movie, I highly recommend a box of tissues and maybe some cute cat videos. Also, fair warning, there are major spoilers below so continue at your own risk. (Photo/Trusted Reviews) Keep Reading

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