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Are you really oppressed?

Up until recently, history was almost exclusively stories about men, written by and for men. So, it may be baffling to some men when the spotlight is not on them anymore – even for just a month. (Photo/Wikimedia Commons) Keep Reading


Did the New York Times ruin Wordle?

In October of 2021 the popular word game Wordle took the world by storm when it released. However, since the New York Times acquired the game in January the words have become progressively more difficult. (Photo/Nithisha Makesh) Keep Reading


Boosting the booster shot campaign

With COVID cases waning, people nationwide are returning to “normal.” Despite the COVID situation seemingly improving, the virus remains a deadly threat that takes the lives of thousands of people daily. Booster shots have been lauded as a way to “boost” resistance to the virus, but with the risk of over-activating the immune system, the question remains: how effective are they? (Photo/Daniel Schludi via Unsplash) Keep Reading

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