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We need a ski week

Instead of zooming down a snowy mountain, Heritage students will be in the classrooms as usual. Ski break allows students and faculty to relax, catch up on work and actually book a ski trip. Considering what a relief winter break is, it would be great to get another week off. (Photo?Glade Optics via Unsplash) Keep Reading


Eliminate Crazy as an Insult

Telling someone that they are crazy can be really damaging to them. One of the major reasons people with mental illnesses may never go seek help is because they are worried about being called crazy. (Photo/Bridget Yu) Keep Reading


Hall-Mark or Hall-Miss

I have to admit that Hallmark movies, while delightfully romantic and sweet, can be a little exaggerated and predictable. Regardless of the criticism, I stand by my choice that Hallmark movies are an iconic holiday tradition. (Photo/Hallmark) Keep Reading

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