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Too close for comfort

The first week of school everyone seemed to have their masks glued to their faces. Now, a few months later, people are a little more comfortable with waiting until they get to their next class before they pull up their mask above their nose. Keep Reading


Returning to normal is impossible

For some, “over” means the release of the vaccine, for others it signifies the moment Coronavirus cases officially reach zero. Either way, the effects of Coronavirus will likely not be “over” for years to come. Keep Reading


Examining the inhumanity of ICE

To protect basic human rights, these ICE containment centers should be abolished. ICE has turned into a physical manifestation of the xenophobia and racism that plagues the United States and is utterly unacceptable. Keep Reading


Reinstate NHD and Science Fair

As much as students may hate these two projects, they teach educational skills such as how to write a good research paper, find important sources and present information in a clear manner. Keep Reading

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