Fine arts department performs “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”

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The fine arts department performed “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” March 6-9 and was directed by Mr. Clay Cartland and choreographed by Mr. Ronald Hutchins. 

The show– featuring lyrics by Tim Rice and music by Andrew Lloyd Webber– puts a theatrical twist on the Biblical story of Jacob’s favorite son, Joseph, from the book of Genesis. Joseph is the favorite son of 12 brothers, and Jacob gifts him a colorful coat. This favoritism fanned the flames of the brothers’ hatred toward Joseph, leading to a dramatic series of events. The show featured fun and catchy music, which might subconsciously prompt you into bursting into song any minute.

The show ran for slightly over two hours with an intermission in between and featured many original backdrops and props created by the students. “I was a prop designer, fly rail operator, deck crew member and a mic coordinator,” junior Daniella Bieber said. “The experience was enlightening regarding working with underclassmen and my friends. Everyone worked very hard, both collaboratively and individually, to put the show together,” she said. 

The show involved a cast of 45 students, including the 20 members of children’s choir, along with 36 people behind the scenes on the production team and crew. Mr. Cartland, the show’s director, stated that he wanted to do his own twist on Joseph, one of the most prominent shows for beginner actors, by adding 80’s themed aspects to the show.

The show ends with Joseph, played by junior Jack Ryan, passing his coat to one of the younger members of the children’s choir. This act symbolizes the change Joseph and his family experienced over the course of the show and the handing over of Joseph’s dream to the next generation.  (Photo/Emma Colarte Delgado)

After four days of performance, students and faculty working on the play came together to celebrate their successful run. Many of the crew members had stayed late after school to collaborate on the show, helping them gain time management skills. “It is fundamental that you know how to balance school, the production and home life before you even consider working on a Heritage production,” Bieber said.

The show ended with the children’s choir as well as the dancers performing a Joseph “Megamix.” All 15 members of the children choir waved ribbons with the different colors featured on Joseph’s coat.  (Photo/Emma Colarte Delgado) 

Before entering the theater, viewers were given a playbill listing the cast, orchestra, production team and crew involved with the play. It also included a bingo page they could fill out as they noticed various props during the show. (Photo/Ann Zohar Hershkovitz)

The three narrators (juniors Maya Levinson, Krystal Molina and senior Shea Korman), representing the three primary colors, sang a majority of the songs throughout the show. They provided context and helped guide the audience throughout the story, explaining plot lines and narrating the story in a simple yet entertaining manner, allowing both old and young audiences to enjoy the show. 

Senior night took place at the Thursday night show, with the seniors being handed flowers by Ms. Cicos, the senior class advisor. (Photo/Emma Colarte Delgado)