Halloween candy that’s worth the cavities

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We love these candies and chocolates, and we hope you do too. Happy Halloween, from us to you. (Photo/Ella Gohari)

Ella — 100 Grand

100 Grand is relatively unknown—I first heard of it only three years ago—but ever since I tried its chocolatey, caramel goodness, I knew it was the chocolate bar for me. 100 Grand is like a mix of Twix and Crunch, complete with gobs of caramel, crisped rice and luscious Ferrero milk chocolate. For its ‘fun size,’ 100 Grand packs a lot of flavor into every bite. Despite their rarity, I always make sure to find a chocolate variety pack for trick or treaters that includes 100 Grand so I can hand them out, and, of course, keep a few for myself.

NithishaAlmond Joys

While Almond Joys are not exactly a fan favorite, they are definitely my favorite Halloween candy. Even though I don’t like coconut that much, the chocolate and the sweet coconut make a delectable combination I can’t resist, while the almonds in the middle add a nutty and crunchy flavor. It’s convenient that not a lot of people like them because then there’s more for me.

Eva — Chocolate M&Ms

Nothing beats the simplicity yet utter deliciousness of chocolate M&Ms. There’s no need to ruin what’s already perfect by adding different flavors or ingredients when these small chocolate circles exist.  With each bite, the creamy chocolate pieces get better and better, becoming wholeheartedly addictive. And remember, for good luck, avoid eating the red M&Ms.

Anya — Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

My favourite Halloween candy is Reese’s peanut butter cups. Peanut butter and chocolate are the perfect combination — slightly salty, and not too sweet. The chocolate covering melts in your mouth to leave behind the gritty peanut butter. I used to live in India, and we didn’t really eat peanut butter there, but when I came to America two years ago and tried it, I fell in love. When I realized that people actually celebrate Halloween here, it was the perfect excuse to stuff my face.

Shreya — Midnight Milky Way

When I first tried the regular Milky Way, I was sure it was my favorite Halloween candy. I thought the flavorful bar filled with sweet nougat, creamy caramel and topped with luscious milk chocolate couldn’t be beaten. This was until I had my first Midnight Milky Way on a chilly Halloween night. From the moment I tried the creamy caramel and marshmallow vanilla nougat enrobed in rich dark chocolate, I knew I had been missing out. I guess I was right, Milky Way can’t be beaten by anything but another version of itself.

Zoe — KitKat

With white, milk and dark chocolate varieties, Hershey’s Kit Kat is the candy to grab from Halloween bowls. The crunch from the wafers with the sweet chocolate around it makes a perfect combination for a sweet-lover like me to enjoy on Halloween. It looks like a small chocolate bar when looking at it, but people can be surprised by the crunchy wafer hiding underneath.

Irene — Twix 

I would say Twix is my favorite type of candy. The crunch from the shortbread cookie mixed with the chewiness of the caramel and chocolate make for the perfect flavor combination. When I lived in Virginia, Twix used to be a favorite among my friends. Each year, about a week before school started, we would pool all our savings together and buy an entire bag of Twix to split. Now, I always associate that memory with the candy itself. 

Kayra — Snickers 

Snickers are a must-try for anyone with a peanut and/or caramel obsession. The bar consists of sweet nougat topped with caramel and peanuts, all enrobed in delightful milk chocolate. Snickers also has a creamy ice-cream bar version which can be found at many stores, such as Target. It is just like the candy bar version, but better. Before moving to America from Turkey, I had maybe tried Snickers once or twice, but now I realize I was missing out. 

Joseph — Reese’s

Imagine a candy so delectable that when you take a bite of it, your mind is thrown into a blissful twilight zone where all worries disappear. Imagine a candy so savory that the mere sight of it causes a person’s lips to quiver. You don’t need to imagine anymore, instead, you can experience this pleasure by trying a Reese’s. A pocket of peanut butter creamed to perfection submerged into a covering of chocolate ribbed for optimal texture, the Reese’s cup is a work of art that not only surpasses any candy, but any painting, sculpture or drawing the earth has ever seen to this day. If you find a Reese’s cup in your Halloween bag, take it as good fortune, for you have been blessed by the divine.