Summing up Senior Nights

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Each year, senior athletes commemorate their high school careers and achievements on their  teams with a special event called senior night.” On senior nights, seniors are applauded for their efforts on the teams and the leadership they’ve showcased during their time, while surrounded by both their family and friends. 

At the girls lacrosse senior night, seniors Jade Muirhead and Courtney Lesser received customized posters along with gift baskets and balloons from the rest of the girls on the team. “Senior night was genuinely the best night of my life,” Muirhead said. “All the girls came together to make the night so magical for me and Courtney which I know we are forever grateful for.” Lesser agreed: “It was really special and I know the girls put a lot of effort into making the night so memorable.”

At the boys soccer senior night, senior Jason Ebanks enjoyed his night “filled with fun and lots of desserts,” despite being sad to leave the team behind. However, he’s learned from them to always “fight for each other and to never give up,” which he’ll take with him while playing in college. 

For the orchestra and band senior night, they played in the pit for the spring musical “Joseph.” Senior John-Paul Younes has played the violin for eight years and is now finishing off his high school music career with a bouquet of roses. “It’s always fun to play with my friends and [the last night of the ‘Joseph’ show,] was especially amazing,” he said. “Afterwards, we each received rose bouquets and went out for dinner together to reminisce on our time together and what the future holds for us.”

At the cheer senior night, senior Taina Joseph received a personalized tote bag with gifts inside, a senior sash and princess tiara to really make her the highlight of the night. “[My senior night] was the first of many senior right passages that made the closing of this chapter in my life seem that much more real.”  Although Joseph will not be continuing to cheer in college, her team has “taught [her] the value of being an important part of a whole.”

Meanwhile, senior Ana Chavez was honored at the girls volleyball senior night where she received a volleyball filled with messages written all over it by each of her teammates, per tradition. After the game, the team ate all together at school, laughing and cherishing their time together. Chavez was given a smoothie blender, gift cards, a coffee maker, a custom water bottle, a portable charger and an Amazon Alexa assistant.

Senior nights are a way for those in their final year to be honored for their contribution to the team and for them to leave with memories that will last a lifetime. 

Seniors Paige Murphy, Ana Chavez and Sydney Lee, members of the volleyball team, received “senior” sashes to honor each of them on their special night. Before the game started, the announcer read a short snippet about their future goals and dreams while celebrating their time on the team. (Photo/German Garcia)

Seniors Jade Muirhead and Courtney Lesser received posters decorated with team pictures, tiaras and flower bouquets. “I loved everything my teammates gave us,” Muirhead said. “They put a lot of thought into our sendoff.” (Photo/Sanai Gordon)

Senior Taina Joseph celebrated the special night with her family on the field. “My teammates and I were truly spoiled that night,” Joseph said. “I couldn’t have asked for a better sendoff.” (Photo/Taina Joseph)

Seniors David Xiao, Vishakha Joshi, Julietta Garcia, Gabriella Ciotti, John-Paul Younes and Sabrina Scavuzzo took their final bow on the last night of the “Joseph” musical. “Although I’m glad to be moving into a new chapter of my life, I’ll never forget playing with some of my best friends on these nights.” (Photo/Vishakha Joshi)

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