“The Secret of Us” by Gracie Abram is nothing new

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Gracie Abrams has released her newest album, “The Secret of Us,” and while the songs are catchy and emotional, it’s not exactly groundbreaking. Released June 21, some of the album’s most anticipated tracks included a Taylor Swift feature, in addition to the two previously released singles. 

Starting with the most anticipated track, Abrams’ collaboration with Swift on her song “us” was lackluster. Swift’s distinctive style completely submerged Abrams. The lyrics and vocals seemed as if they would fit perfectly on one of Swift’s new albums like “The Tortured Poets Department.” While Abrams had feelings in her lyrics, the authenticity and originality was missing. Nothing about “us” stood out from any other mainstream pop song to me. 

Abrams lead single “Risk” was also much too similar to other pop artists like Billie Eilish and Phoebe Bridgers. However, this song was more vulnerable than “us,” an improvement showcasing Abrams’ vulnerable emotions. The artist said that “the most important thing with songwriting is just if you can articulate a feeling.” This idea shone through in “Risk,” as her narrational lyrics beautifully capture feelings of courage and longing. 

The last song in the album, “Close to You” did not have the same profundity as her previous songs. The lyrics are all repetitive and Abrams’ vocals are not as strong or vulnerable in this song. There was a good rhythm and the song was slightly catchy but again, it’s much too similar to songs from other popular artists.

Overall, I rate the album a 5/10. 

Abrams says “us” was written during one of her and Swift’s first conversations. “We went out for dinner one night to toast Grammy nominations. And then we got totally drunk and got really excited about each other’s albums and just fell into writing this song.”  (Photo/Wikimedia Commons)

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