The votes are in: 2024-2025 Class Presidents

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After weeks of campaigning through videos and posters, students have chosen the sophomore, junior and senior class presidents of 2024-2025. The voters took to the polls April 16, after a form was posted for all students to pick a president to represent their class. 

Five freshmen ran for sophomore class president: Izyk Pombar, Hillary Kowitt, Peri Payzin, Isabel Gervich and Diane Alain-Tereschenko. Pombar ended with the most votes and is now the sophomore class president with Kowitt being the runner up. 

Freshman Izyk Pombar is aiming to make a change.  “I hope to be able to represent everyone sophomore year, bringing in positive change, and more fun events to make the next school the best one yet,” Pombar said. 

In the sophomore class there were five candidates as well: Joshua McMurray, Elizabeth Xiao, Camila Galicia, Anya Sharma and Liam Garcia Sierra. Xiao had the most votes and is now junior class president with McMurray as the runner up. 

Sophomore Elizabeth Xiao is working to make next school year the best yet for the class of 2026. “This upcoming year, I hope to carry on my work from sophomore year and plan events like a Junior prom and a class field day! Junior year is a big year with many challenges, and students deserve time to sit back and relax. My first priority this year is to make junior year as fun as possible in preparation for our last year at Heritage,” Xiao said. She is pictured above with fellow sophomore Noah-Duro Andre at one of her events she helped facilitate, the HOSA Sunshine Chapter competition.

Lastly for our class of 2025 there were two candidates, Matthew Ruiz and Nia Lapointe. Ruiz came out on top and is now the senior class president with Lapointe being the runner up.

Junior Mathew Ruiz is working to make the final year of class of 2025 as memorable as possible. “As Senior Class President I look forward to planning more fun events for my grade. People really seemed to like the free ice cream for the SAT, so another one of those free ice cream days can be planned for a special day in Senior year. I’m planning a bunch more stuff, and some of it just comes spontaneously as the year progresses. At the same time, I’m always open to suggestions from my fellow classmates and friends,” Ruiz said.