Welcoming Ms. Nery Rios 

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With over a decade of experience teaching biology, Ms. Nery Rios is now ready to take upon the challenge of teaching at Heritage. 

When learning life science in high school, Ms. Rios fell in love with both nature and science. That initial interest led her to study Secondary Science and earn a Bachelor’s degree from Nova Southeastern University. She taught at Nova High School for the majority of her career, but she was particularly fascinated with Heritage.

“The reputation of the school is amazing. The title of the #1 school is not easily achieved, and I would love to be part of that hard working team that makes it possible,” she said. 

Ms. Rios looks forward to becoming part of the science department and collaborating with her colleagues. Her priority is to help her students be successful in AP Biology and get them prepared for the final exam in May. She plans on conducting hands-on activities and labs to simulate real scientific experiments. 

Outside of school, one of Ms. Rios’ favorite hobbies is traveling. She is visiting Europe this summer and is excited to tour and broaden her understanding of the world. 

Her favorite quote, from Nelson Mandela, is a mantra she has followed throughout her teaching career: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” She is eager to teach about her passions, enrich her students’ minds with her vast knowledge and make her class memorable. 

Ms. Rios travels to Utah to observe the mountainous region and learn more about nature. Traveling has always been a passion for her since it allows her to learn more about different environments. (Photo/Ms. Rios)