Why everyone should visit a Michaels this fall

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Crisp, warm-toned leaves. Smiling scarecrows. The scent of cinnamon in the air. The complete autumn experience can feel out of reach when you live in the sunshine state, but you can achieve that cozy feeling by simply stepping into a Michaels crafts store this fall.

The second you pass through the automatic sliding doors, your nose is graced with the aroma of scented candles: ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, maple syrup, apple cider and more. They blend together in the air to create a strong and sweet fragrance.

Michaels is equally as pleasant on the eyes as it is on the nose. The seasonal aisles are home to festive decor and a variety of fake plants and flowers that seem to teem with life. Even beyond these aisles, you can find flowers, pumpkins, Halloween costumes and signage throughout the store.

Michaels doesn’t just transform itself for the fall. Visiting their stores in any season feels like entering a festive new dimension. Fall foliage is traded for green wreaths and red poinsettias in the winter, multicolored flowers in the spring and palm leaves in the summer. The fragrance from the candle display shifts between pumpkin spice, holly, fresh flowers and the salty sea. The only thing that never changes is the wonder you’ll feel.

Within Michaels, the autumnal flower displays fill the store with color and joy. Strolling through the decor aisles with a shopping basket in one hand and a scented candle in the other is a day well spent. (Photo/Jadyn Jacobson)