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Response: why a “claim to your land” is not enough

On April 24th, iPatriotPost published an article supposedly providing reason as to “why “Israel has a claim to its land.” The article frankly lacks factual integrity and misconstrues an array of crucial points considered in formulating an opinion on the matter. Through this article, I aim to provide you, the reader, with a clearer window through which to view the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Keep Reading


The benefits of getting a summer job

As the school year comes to an end, the question of how to spend during vacation time becomes more eminent. Although some students see vacation as a time to relax and enjoy the break from school, taking this approach may result in many valuable hours and opportunities being missed. Keep Reading


Why Israel has a claim to its land

The Jewish claim to Israel is frequently challenged since opposers believe the settlers took land that did not belong to them. However, Israel has historically been land that the Jews settled on since the founding of the faith. Keep Reading


Think before you ink

Considering that approximately one out of five American adults has a tattoo, this regret is quite common. How much would that regret percentage decrease if people held off on getting a tattoo until they were older? Keep Reading

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