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Boston College Campus Reviews

Leading up to this three day trip in Boston, I had no idea what to fully expect. Sure, I had some ideas based on movies such as “Good Will Hunting,” but not a concrete picture of Boston or a university with such prestigious backing. Not only was this my first time in Boston, it was also my first time touring a university with a guide. However, each college I visited had its own unique charms, making each college visited during the trip memorabile in its own way. Keep Reading


Don’t hate on Patriot Post Polls

As a student newspaper, “The Patriot Post” strives to produce the most accurate, thorough and interesting news, sports, features, opinion and entertainment stories for our audience. We try not only to report important occurrences and discuss relevant issues, but to appeal to students from all across campus, regardless of grade level, grade point average or social circle. Keep Reading


Stop demoting Broward College

Beads of sweat dripping into your eyes, you see the bright red 46 percent plaguing the top of the paper. In a panic, you frantically plead for your neighbors to tell you their grades, but, having found no one that received a similar a score, you are left with only one recourse: joke about your educational collapse. Something along the lines of, “Oh, I’ll just go to the Broward College” slips out, and you have successfully completed the art of comedic relief. Keep Reading


We unknowingly contribute to the stress culture

Stress is a mindset that we encourage, albeit unknowingly. We compare how much coffee we have had or how few hours we slept last night. We compete regarding who is most stressed and who deserves the most sympathy for sacrificing their sleep and lives to their work. Keep Reading

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