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Debunking the “perfect” summer body myth

While body image continues to be a hot topic in today’s evolving society, hopefully, the social perception becomes more accepting and less scornful of those with different body types. In the end, as perfectly said in the book “Dumplin’” by Julie Murphy, a bikini body is just that: a body in a bikini. Keep Reading


Straight Pride mocks LGBTQ+ Pride’s significance

Since the 1970s, June has been celebrated as “LGBTQ+ Pride Month” to commemorate the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in Greenwich Village, New York June 28, 1969. The entire month serves as a time to remember the efforts of the LGBTQ+ people of the past who fought diligently for Gay Rights, one of the most notable being same-sex marriage equality. A great deal of backlash has accompanied these years of pride with countless groups of people outside the LGBTQ+ community… Keep Reading


To Save or Not to Save College Emails

Everyday, 10 or so emails from colleges flood my inbox, some from well-known colleges, others from schools I learned about from said emails. The neat-freak part of myself itches to delete all these emails and clean out my otherwise organized inbox, but I somehow felt like saving these emails would prove worthwhile in the long run. This daily dilemma prompted me to research more about the topic and get to the bottom of this debate. Keep Reading


Oh say can you see… or learn to use your own eyes?

If individuals enjoy being taken advantage of, then political ignorance is for them. However, for those who do not, the benefits of political literacy come from seeing a worthy candidate acknowledging the reality of the nation and making it better. Today, more than ever, it is important to become politically literate. Keep Reading

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