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Too many projects, too little time

Feeling the pressure of three major projects, National History Day (NHD), Science Fair and a research paper, and their importance towards your respective grades, you rest your head on the paper-covered table, wishing for all this disorganized frenzy to finish once and for all. Keep Reading


Cracking under peer pressure

Constant warnings and hypothetical “what would you do” situations have left most with at least a basic idea of peer pressure. The Encyclopedia of Children’s Health defines peer pressure as “the influence of a social group on an individual.” This influence is especially prevalent among teenagers. Keep Reading


Don’t let the MSD Movement die out

When students began protesting in Feb. 2018, pessimists said to give up. With every word at a rally or walkout, someone else would counter with words of hate. People said the movement would die out, so we might as well stop yelling. The verdict was a destiny of giving up and accepting no change. Keep Reading

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