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Extra days were planned, but were there enough?

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With the madness caused by Hurricane Irma settling down, students are gaining more time to think about the aftermath. Questions are arising that may not have occurred before, such as “Will school have to be extended to make up for lost days?”

While it is legally required for schools to have at at least 180 days in a school year, Heritage makes sure to plan extra days for events that might cancel school, such as Irma or the solar eclipse. So far this year, eight days of school have been canceled. The first day of school was postponed one day due to the eclipse, and the other seven days were cancelled due to Hurricane Irma. Rumors of extending the school year farther into winter or summer vacation have risen.

According to Dean of Students Mr. Dean Nolle, the school year will not have to be extended with the given days that have been missed.

“We do not have days to miss. As of right now, we are not going to have to make up any days,” said Dean Nolle. “If we have another event where we have to miss several days, we may have to make those up,” he said.

So there you have it. The rumors can be put to rest; the school calendar remains as planned and winter break and summer vacation remain untouched… for now.

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