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    Freshman Claire Tyler dances with Sophomore junior varsity cheerleader Sarah McDonald during the freshman tailgate.
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Heritage hosts a freshman tailgate and welcome tailgate for new students and families

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It’s not always a thrilling experience to attend a new school. To ease the atmosphere between new students and families, freshman class advisor Mrs. Jessica Burns, Student Government Association (SGA) and the Parent-Teacher Association (PTO) hosted a freshman tailgate to welcome new students and a welcome tailgate for their families before last Friday’s football game as it was moved from September 15 because of Hurricane Irma.

The welcome tailgate was held in front of the courtyard near the 4000. New families signed in at tables and were given a raffle ticket. The name of the winner was revealed during halftime, and the winner was rewarded a pair of Heritage socks from the school spirit store.

The freshmen tailgate was held in the lower school playground. All freshmen were welcome. The freshmen tailgate was created last year and has become an annual event.

“Fifty percent of our freshmen are from other schools and the other fifty percent are from our school, so it is really important to get the students to meet and talk to each other. It’s especially important because during homecoming week, students need to have school spirit and to work as a team. That’s what got the event going,” said Mrs. Burns.

Freshmen filed into the playground where there was a DJ who played music from pop to rap. The students danced and also participated in a few games such as Rock, Paper, Scissor to win prizes such as a $15 Chick-fil-a gift card. They were given raffle tickets to win prizes such as lanyards. Around 6:30 p.m., students were served pizza and the raffle winners were called. Then, they all headed to the football field as game time approached.  

“The tailgate was a good experience because it was an opportunity for
me to catch up with friends I either no longer have classes with, or
generally do not see around the campus anymore. I am thankful to be given the opportunity to have been able to meet these people I now look forward to see
throughout the day,” freshman Laura Mikkelsen.

Angela is a senior at American Heritage School. This is her fourth year on staff, and she is Co-Editor of The Patriot Post with Amber Bhutta, her better half. Graphic design is her passion, and she plans to pursue it in college. In addition to being Co-Editor-in-Chief, she is also the historian for NHS. When she’s not working on the news magazine, she enjoys taking pictures, eating ethnic sandwiches, painting and playing piano. Angela also runs her own photography company. You can visit her website at alinphoto.wix.com/home to purchase photos or schedule a photo shoot.

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