Parking garage to open in April

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The moment we have all been waiting for is nearly here. Heritage will only have to wait two more months for the long anticipated parking garage to be opened. Located just to the east of the 2000 building, the garage will be four stories tall and contain approximately 500 parking spaces and a security office to monitor the entire school. While the first floor will be reserved for teachers and aids, the top three floors will be available to seniors.  The parking garage will have two stairways, one on the north side and one on the south side, and two elevators. Due to safety regulations, no one will be permitted to park across the street at Calvary Chapel once the garage is completed. Juniors will continue to park at the remote parking lot near Quarterdeck.

According to AHS president Mr. William Laurie, the biggest setback in constructing the parking garage was receiving approval from the city of Plantation. The process was very detailed and required the school to meet with the Fire Department, Engineering Department, Sewage Department and Building Department, among others. Building began Aug. 2015 and will finish some time in April.

The parking garage walls were originally built in Lot 1 and Lot 2 and then hoisted to where they stand currently.

“It was like a jigsaw puzzle that they put it all together,” said Mr. Laurie. To complete the building, the construction workers must finish laying the brick pavers, painting the fourth floor and installing the elevators, LED lights and 50 security cameras. Once the garage is complete, twelve security guards will be added to the security staff.

Next year, seniors who wish to park in the garage must register in the office and pay a $50 parking permit fee.

After the parking garage’s completion, the school plans to request the city’s approval to build a 3 story gymnasium that will seat 2400 people. It would also include a larger swimming pool, tennis courts, a snack bar and 16 classrooms.

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Parking garage workers unload construction supplies.
The parking garage will be four stories tall, with two operating elevators for students and faculty to access each floor.

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