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        By making conscious choices and asking important questions about your current way of living, you can start to impact the kind of life you want to live. (Photo/Emily Anderson)

With so many distractions constantly clouding our lives, just sitting down and living in the moment remains a challenge. Due to this, many people find it difficult to focus their time and energy on habits or routines they find interesting or beneficial to them. A conscious lifestyle can help you make intuitive decisions leaving you excited and able to live the life you desire.

In an article written by The Good Trade, a conscious lifestyle could actually benefit your health, productivity, and the environment around you by starting with the relationship you have with yourself. For example, if someone wanted to focus more on their health, they would focus on how their body reacts to certain environments, foods and cosmetics, making them more likely to make more healthful choices. Another example could pertain to someone’s environmental habits. By focusing on the amount of waste they produce, the types of food they consume and the simple power they are capable of, they could reduce their wasteful habits. 

The overall purpose of living consciously involves someone to focus on their surroundings. Conscious living shouldn’t be complicated, but simple because all it only involves you to be aware of how you live your life, however it does take time. One simple way to becoming more aware of your surroundings could be to ask yourself questions about the way you are currently living. For example, you could question if you spend the amount of time that you want with your family or if you feel healthy. Some other methods could involve a reflection on your day or your habits throughout the week, making positive choices and expanding on your beliefs and practices. 

The transition to making more conscious choices in your life does take time and  initiative but it does reap many beneficial outcomes and only gets better with time. As you mature and have a better understanding of yourself, conscious living will become more natural, allowing you to connect more with the people around you, the environment, and yourself. 

As a senior, Emily spends her second year on staff as both a copy editor and entertainment editor. Outside newspaper, Emily plays violin in the school orchestra and leads Dead Poets Society as president. When she's not at school, however, Emily enjoys writing poetry, repeatedly watching the same movies and, sometimes, succeeding in her goal of reading five books a week.

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  1. Excellent article Emily! It helped me to think about how consciously I am living everyday! Keep up the great writing!❤️

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