Constructing an Era

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With the school year coming to an end, both students and administration are preparing themselves for the upcoming year ahead. Some important components of preparation for administration are the series of updates and renovations occurring on campus. 

Currently, in preparation for the 2021-2022 school year, construction is being performed on four sections on campus: the business office, admissions office, old gym and the courtroom. According to Dr. Douglas Laurie, the business office will change locations from its current location near the 7000 building to downstairs within the 2000 building. The admissions office will also be undergoing renovations and experiencing an update. 

An area that will experience major construction and renovation is the old gym located in the 7000 building. According to Dr. Laurie, the old gym will be converted into a formal dining hall and student union, costing over $2,000,000 in renovations. 

“[The student union] will be a place where students will gather and attend their larger club meetings,” Dr. Laurie said. “Although not all clubs will be required to attend their meetings within the building.” 

Geared towards only high school students, a new courtroom is also being constructed while the previous courtroom will be used by the junior high. 

“The new courtroom will be located in the 3000 building and will resemble a professional facility,” Dr. Laurie said. “However, the old courtroom will continue to be used by junior high for convenience.” 

While there does seem to be a large amount of construction, it will bring more opportunities for next year’s students. The construction is anticipated to be completed before the start of the 2021-2022 school year.

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