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Living in an area where there is such a wide variety of restaurants, sometimes it is overwhelming to locate a place to stop and grab a bite. When we don’t know which eatery to choose, many of us turn to friends or social media for ideas when in reality, we should be looking right in front of us. Tucked in the middle of a commercial plaza approximately ten minutes from campus, Bap Bistro has been serving their unique dishes for about 11 months. Embracing Korean and Japanese fusion, they serve a variety of dishes from bibimbap and rice bowls to boba tea and traditional Asian snacks. The restaurant itself mirrors bigger chains such as Chipotle or Subway where the customer has the opportunity of customizing their dish assembly-line style. Having visited Japan and been closely in contact with the Asian cuisine, the restaurant’s plates seemed to be mostly traditional with some American elements mixed in. 

The sushi burrito ($10.95) consists of nori paper with sashimi, rice and vegetables inside. While this seems pretty expected, their Furikake seasoning surprised me, taking me back to my Japanese travels. Customers are given a variety of toppings, sauces, fillings and proteins to choose from including chicken, beef and tuna, but also tofu and grilled veggies for those who are vegetarian. The rice bowls ($9.95-11.95) come with a variety of protein and are served with a fried egg and toppings.

“We wanted to make a fast and casual Korean BBQ so [busy people] could have a sit-down quality meal with a fast-food wait time,” the owner said. “This place is geared more towards young people and students and so we wanted the decor to reflect that.”

Bap Bistro makes sure to highlight this intention. While I can safely say that I am not an avid K-Pop fan, I couldn’t help but be pleasantly surprised with the colorful decor. Not only does the staff make you feel welcome and go out of their way to make sure your order is perfectly personalized, but upon finishing your meal, a member of the staff takes a polaroid photo and staples it on a bulletin with hundreds of other photos from other customers.

Overall, Bap Bistro provides many of us with an opportunity to try something new with reasonable portions at a decent price. You can find more information about the restaurant here

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