Frozen took over the world and ourselves

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After almost a decade since “Frozen” took over the world, and our hearts, we can’t let it go. As a musical version just opened in Singapore, and “Frozen 2’s” widespread success, the franchise won’t be slowing down anytime soon. This begs the question, why is the “Frozen” franchise so successful? And how has Frozen impacted us internally today? 

Plainly said, people like “Frozen” because it’s relatively new. In the current “Disney slump,” in which Disney is now only remaking old movies with slight twists instead of providing new ideas, this franchise has offered a breath of fresh air to viewers. It’s not like other basic Disney princess plots: instead of the archetypal romance taking center stage, it’s sisterly love. Plus, Frozen” takes on a darker element to the tale, instead of being romantic and sweet, there’s a hint of uncertainty with a biting edge. 

Character-wise, the older sister with a specialty in ice shaping, Elsa, was independent and confident, while the younger misfit Anna was feisty and fun, both not fitting into the basic princess archetype of being a damsel-in-distress. Young kids  are often driven by their impulses, which mirror  Elsa’s internal struggle with her insecurities, while “Frozen 2” grapples with gender empowerment. Those who grew up with Frozen, such as sophomore Shirya Narasimhan, believe the films  made a significant impact on their childhood. “The themes definitely have impacted me and motivated me to be an independent and strong, older sister for my younger one, who’s more rebellious,” Narasimhan said. 

 With the message that girls can be heroes, sisterly bonds are unbreakable and that it’s okay to show pain – or “let it go” – “Frozen” has cemented itself as a modern-day classic. Promoting independence, self-acceptance, and empowerment in young girls, “Frozen” represents society’s step forward in the right direction. 

Frozen has grossed over $1.28 billion opening week, while Frozen 2 grossed $1.33 billion opening week, becoming the highest-grossing animated film. (Image/@disneyfrozen)

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