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Students prepare for the PSAT

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The Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) is a test that every high school student will encounter, and most likely, dread. This year it will take place Oct. 14. There are many different ways for students to prepare for this exam, including the Ray Dass program, or SARA application, provided by the school.

The SARA app, developed by Ray Dass, is a readily available tool students can use to help prepare themselves for this exam. Certain classes, such as math and English, require students to use the app and workbook in class. Students may also prepare with his Test Prep classes, which, for the National Merit program, are held four times a week from 4-7 p.m.

“Before I took Ray Dass’s classes, my efficiency was not great. I would leave 4-5 questions blank, but now I finish with extra time,” junior Hijaan Mitha said. “They explain why a certain answer is not the correct choice.” Clearly, practice with these classes helps students improve their test taking skills.

Not only do students practice in the classes, but also outside of them.

“At home, I review what I went over in class, read over my notes, and look over the [questions] I missed,” Mitha said.

Students use other sources of practice for the PSAT, too.

“I bought some PSAT workbooks that have a bunch of practice,” freshman Sophia Hai said. She is not the only one, as Mitha has, also.

Students use resources from past years and online resources such as Khan Academy.

“I know that the National Merit cutoff index is really high, and that’s essentially why I am studying so hard. I have definitely improved throughout the year, and that has me somewhat relieved,” Mitha said. Preparing is important, and the methods above are definitely great ways to help students succeed.

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