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Although most people associate Valentine’s Day with romantic, couple-related love, a different interpretation of “love” inspired a Valentine’s Day spinoff: Galentine’s Day. For groups of friends, often consisting of girls (hence the “gal”), Galentine’s Day is a day spent together, celebrating friendship and platonic love for one another. This year, Valentine’s/Galentine’s Day falls on a Thursday, and, with no school the next day and following Monday, this four day weekend is perfect for friendship-oriented activities. Here are some ideas regarding how you can make this Galentine’s Day one to remember.

Attempt to ice skate

With the scorching heat Florida seemingly almost can never escape, escape the possibility of passing out from a heat stroke by ice skating. Challenge your friends with “who can stand up without falling the longest” contests and laugh along as you and your friends stumble gracefully on the ice.

Last year, juniors Paola Bazarra, Sachita Jariwala, Kristen Quesada and I pretended we knew how to ice skate. In reality, I spent more time hugging the wall watching them skate like pros. (Photo/Kayla Rubenstein)

Cook a decadent meal

Consider staying in and cooking (or at least attempting to) one of your favorite dishes. If cooking isn’t your forte, have your friends come over and help you out or each bring a dish. Once stuffed with home-cooked goodies, consider playing a board game, building a puzzle, having a spa day with nail polish and face masks or snuggling up while watching a rom-com.

Dine with a twist

If you and/or your friends don’t find cooking to be your niche, perhaps making your own food isn’t for you. However, if you still want to splurge on some good food, head over to one of the many restaurants scattered along the coast. From cozy Italian restaurants to restaurants offering a unique dining experience, such as Barton G, don’t be afraid to venture away from your go-to restaurants.

The unique presentation of your food at Barton G will delight both your eyes and your palate. (Photo/Chicago Tribune)

Go to the beach

Heading to the beach would make the perfect afternoon activity filled with frisbees and picnics. Head over to one of Florida’s popular beaches, and hang out at a funky restaurant by the water to cap off a day of fun in the sun.  

A vibrant sunset can close out your full day of sun
when hanging out on the beach. (Photo/Tripadvisor)

Watch your favorite actors on the big screen

If watching reruns on Netflix doesn’t float your boat, head out to the movies. Watch as your favorite actors swoon over their love interests or as your favorite hero(ine) defeats the evil plaguing this world. Find a theater with reclining seats, such as Paragon Ridge 8, and bring blankets and pillows for ultimate comfort. For romance lovers, “Isn’t it Romantic,” starring Liam Hemsworth and Rebel Wilson, hits the big screen Feb. 13. For those wanting to tap into their childish side, “The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part” offers a quirky comedy.

Experiment with a new art medium

Tap into your creative side by signing up for an art class. With different options of mediums and lengths, you can try a one day painting class at Painting with a Twist, one day ceramics class at Gumbo Limbo Pottery or incorporating both painting and ceramics at Color Me Mine. Bring a pair of clothes you wouldn’t mind getting dirty for art classes (I speak from experience).

Painting classes always entertain a group, whether it be during the class or afterwards, giggling at your “masterpieces.” (Photo/

Try an escape room

An escape room makes the perfect way to spend Galentine’s Day, with an hour on the clock as you and your friends attempt to escape a locked room. Whether you and your friends end up solving the room or not, the experience will make for interesting memories to look back on in the future. Be sure to double check times and locations of each room before heading over to one of the many locations throughout South Florida.

Inside each escape room, such as this one from Fort Worth, Texas (no spoilers of any in South Florida), unique challenges will lead you and your friends to a different clue, each one bringing you one step closer to escaping the locked room. (Photo/

Attack each other with paintballs

Do you and your friends need to release some school-induced stress? If so, consider trying paintballing at a place such as Extreme Rage Paintball Park. With guns loaded with paint-stuffed pellets, work together or against each other to hit as many opponents as you can. The end will show colorful results, with those unsuccessful at evading the paint will be covered in a range of colors.

If you’re not quick and always on your feet, prepare to wash paint out of your hair for the next few days after paintballing. (Photo/

Help others

On a more somber note, this Valentine’s Day marks the one year anniversary of the horrific Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting. If you and your friends are interested in volunteering, Feb. 14 may be the perfect day to support others in need. Check out HandsOn Broward for a volunteer opportunity search engine, customizing the search to the exact day and location to best suit you and your friends.  

Don’t be afraid to speak up and lend a helping hand this Galentine’s Day. (Photo/Joanne Haner)

Regardless of what activity you and your group of friends decide to do, the important part of Galentine’s Day involves spending time with one another.

As a junior, Kayla Rubenstein spends her third year on staff as Assistant Online Editor in Chief and Business Manager of iPatriot Post and the Patriot Post, respectively. Outside room 9114, Kayla acts as the co-historian of NHS and as a member of Quill and Scroll, EHS and SNHS. Kayla spends her free time making travel plans for the future, bugging her younger brother and binge watching Criminal Minds. Additionally, Kayla loves to read and often writes book reviews to release the mix of emotions most books give her. However, don’t ask Kayla what her favorite book is; she’ll give you an hour-long breakdown of her top reads in each genre.

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