A peek into the world of college apps

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Seniors are writing their common applications, attending college visits and counting down the days until submissions are due. (Photo/Celine Yacoub and Lauren Wong)

As freshmen realize high school isn’t much like the movies, sophomores stress over their AP classes and juniors pray the PSAT could be delayed, seniors are spending their days writing college applications. 

For a real peek into the college application experience, here is a Q&A with Heritage’s own seniors:

Q: How did you decide a topic for your essay?

John Wang, senior:

“[Writing the personal statement] definitely took a while to figure out. I spent days just thinking about what I should write, and I had to scrap a couple of ideas. Fortunately, I found my point of view after discussing in-depth what I should write about with my guidance counselor. I strongly suggest talking with people that know you to find inspiration about what you want to write about. This essay is about you, so ask people that know you best.”

Q: What’s the most challenging part of the application?

Maya Neeranjun, senior:

“Most people would say that writing the essay is the most difficult part of the application. However, I believe that researching colleges to put on your ‘interest list’ is the hardest. For me, it took about an hour for each college because I needed to find something unique to that college that I really loved. If you follow this method too, the “Why this college?” essay should come easy to you.”

Q: What do you think will make you stand out in your applications?

Leonid Cherevko, senior:

“I think my unique heritage of being a recent immigrant from Russia and deep involvement with everything related to business will make me stand out among the other applicants.”

Q: How did you decide what schools you would apply to?

Celine Yacoub, senior:

“I visited seven different colleges over the summer, gave them each a rating out of 10 based on campus living situation, research opportunities, vibes, city-life and acceptance rates.”

Now a current junior, this is Lauren’s first year writing for the Patriot Post, and she couldn’t be more excited to get started. She enjoys anything and everything science related, playing Papa’s Sushiria, and critiquing movies like it’s her job. She can’t wait to stretch out her horizons and try new forms of writing!