Annual School Science Fair Success

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Science fair students presented and competed Tuesday, Jan. 9 in order to move on to the county fair. Sixth graders to eighth graders competed in the middle school category, while freshman to seniors competed in the high school category, each category with 15 coveted spots for students in the Broward County Science Fair. After students presented to four judges, scores were reported and sent to a statistician. The scores were recently released, and the following students are those who are moving on to the county fair.

High School: 

  1. Anik Bora
  2. Emma Colarte Delgado
  3. Noah Duro-Andre
  4. Iris Fan 
  5. Jacob Federici 
  6. Anagha Iyer
  7. Akshay Kumar
  8. Calvin Mathew
  9. Kamilat Mustapha 
  10. Shriya Narasimhan 
  11. Malcolm Owusu 
  12. Lorenzo Pulmano
  13. Likhitha Selvan
  14. Vid Yash
  15. Aditya Kapadia 
  16. Himashi Balasuriya (runner-up)
  17. Hanna Zhang (runner-up)

Middle School:

  1. Beatriz Assano
  2. Scarlett Asselta 
  3. Arnav Bhatia 
  4. Sophia Caulkins 
  5. Sasha Charnania
  6. Ella Colarte Delgado
  7. Sophia Fatteh-Patil
  8. Ivan Kalashnykov
  9. Platon Nesmeyanov 
  10. Colton Poppe 

Junior Samuil Petrov presents his project to Ms. Stella Ting, one of his four judges. (Photo/Emma Delgado)

Sophomore Anagha Iyer presents to judge Dr. Osmel Delgado on his project of phage therapy, leading to a line of questioning from Delgado. (Photo/Emma Delgado)

Sophomore Shriya Narasimhan presents her project about addiction to Ron Callis. “He was really insightful and provided great commentary on my project,” said Narasimhan. (Photo/Emma Delgado)

Senior Amara Okpala presents to judge Teresa Brooks about her project regarding a computational model to detect cardiac disease. (Photo/Emma Delgado)

Sixth grader Ella Delgado presents to Ms. Anna Englehardt, an eighth grade science teacher, her project about biotextiles use. (Photo/Emma Delgado)

Junior Emma Delgado presents her project to judge Paula Boyar, which is about the gender discrepancy in Alzheimer’s. (Photo/Marisol Delgado)

Ms. Leya Joykutty also partook in the school fair, helping organize and judge the event.  (Photo/Emma Delgado)

Students present to judges and are then ranked on a scale of 1-5 for presentation and content. Some students could demonstrate their prototypes during the judging process as well. (Photos/Emma Delgado)

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