AP Biology Students Trek Through the Everglades

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Students taking AP Biology got the chance to experience nature up close and see their classroom knowledge in action on May 24.

Once they arrived at school, students piled onto the bus and after about 20 minutes, arrived at Sawgrass Recreation Park. Here, two guides greeted them and gave a speech about the history of the Everglades and why it needs to be protected. 

Students were taught about some native plants that they were allowed to sketch and even eat. They toured the rescue animal exhibit, which had snakes, lizards and baby alligators.

Afterwards, students received buckets and were sent off to a river bank to catch as many critters as they could. Students saw tadpoles, shrimp, snakes, alligators, birds and fish, all while tallying the number of each species they found. 

Then began the airboat experience, where students tested water pH, temperature and more. “The airboat was my favorite part of the trip. I loved that we got to act as real scientists and measure data,” said sophomore Maya Moore. After that, students compared animal parts such as feathers and snail shells and tried to identify what species they were from. 

Finally, as everyone loaded onto the bus to head back to school, they were encouraged to share everything they learned about the Everglades with their friends and family. By raising awareness, students can do their own part to protect the natural world around them.

Students were allowed to interact directly with the everglades, seeing the biology and environment around them. (Photos/Nery Valderama)

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