Clubs celebrate Lunar New Year with karaoke night

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Contemporary Music Club president Diane Li introduces the event and wishes the attendees a happy new year. (Photo/Heather Johnson)

In East and Southeast Asia, the Lunar New Year is one of the most significant holidays of the year. Unlike the New Year on the Gregorian calendar, which is celebrated on a single day, Lunar New Year is typically observed across a number of days. 2023’s Lunar New Year began Jan. 22 and will conclude Feb. 1.

The celebration correlates with the lunar calendar — or rather, the phases of the moon. January’s first new moon, which normally occurs toward the end of the month, marks the start of the Lunar New Year while the following full moon marks its end.

The Chinese Honor Society, Chinese Club and Contemporary Music Club collaborated to observe the start of a new year. The clubs hosted an afternoon of celebratory karaoke Jan. 25, accompanied by a raffle and a variety of Asian food selections from Pei Wei. During the event, performers welcomed the Lunar New Year with songs in English and Mandarin. 

“I really enjoyed the celebration,” sophomore and karaoke performer Sebastian Gomez said. “It brought everyone together to eat, sing and essentially celebrate the start of a new year.”

Senior Diane Li, president of the Contemporary Music Club, organized the karaoke session to bond over the holiday with her friends and fellow club members.

“Collaborating with the Chinese Club and Chinese Honor Society created a really great opportunity for students to celebrate the Lunar New Year in a different environment,” Li said. “We know a lot of students celebrate this beautiful holiday at home, so we wanted to bring that spirit to the school and share it with everyone else.”

Students perform karaoke to kick off 2023, year of the rabbit. Students perform karaoke to kick off 2023, year of the rabbit. (Photos/Heather Johnson)

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