Mamma Mia, here they go again

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Mr. Johnpaul Moccia and assistant director Mr. Clay Cartland picked their musical carefully, keeping many criteria in mind. “We wanted to pick a musical that’s right for the environment we have. The main priorities were inclusivity and fun,” Moccia said. “We also wanted a show that appealed to a large audience; you can see it if you’re five and you can see it if you’re 500.” (Photo/AHS Theatre Department)

Directed by Mr. Johnpaul Moccia and choreographed by Mr. Ronald Hutchins, the Fine Arts department’s newest production, “Mamma Mia!” ran from April 27 to 29. The cast, comprising of 35 senior high students, brought this concept musical to life with their vocal and theatrical talents.

Featuring the hit songs of European pop-rock band ABBA, “Mamma Mia’s” soundtrack creates a lively, familiar mood. The show follows main character Sophie Sheridan — a soon-to-be bride — and her former-rockstar mother Donna as they prepare for the wedding on a tropical Greek island. In simple terms, it’s an hour and thirty minutes of rock music, mojitos and summer romance.

“There is nothing like sitting in the audience and hearing someone laugh or sigh at something you’ve created or hearing the applause that just comes up spontaneously. It’s a surreal feeling that doesn’t even necessarily stem from pride; it stems from this overwhelming happiness for the kids,”  Moccia said, “That’s what I especially hoped to achieve with ‘Mamma Mia,’ given that it’s such a fun musical.”

Upon their closing show, the cast received a standing ovation. They then presented Moccia with a retirement gift and a plaque to commemorate his 21 years in the fine arts department.

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