Exercise your brain: The importance of working out to improve as a student

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Exercising is crucial in order to be healthy, but it’s also very important in order to succeed academically. 

The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) researched the topic from various studies, and with their findings verified that active students tend to do better in school. Their findings demonstrated the benefits of exercising among adolescents and children, which ranged from reducing the risk of cancer and heart diseases, to improving their concentration and memory. 

Even with various studies that show the improvement exercise has on the brain, the CDC showed that “in 2017, only 26.1% of high school students participated in at least 60 minutes per day of physical activity on all 7 days of the previous week.”

Students have spoken of the effects of exercising when they workout consistently. “When I don’t practice for a relatively long period, I definitely feel like I have less energy,” sophomore Elizabeth Schenker said. Other studies, such as an article for Harvard Health by Matthew Solan explains how cardio can be one of the best medicines for overall health as it “strengthens the heart, promotes artery health, improves blood flow to the brain, fights inflammation and increases key chemicals that encourage new brain cell growth.”

Nonetheless, exercising on a regular basis can be difficult due to the amount of time some students spend studying, volunteering and doing other activities. Freshman Aviva Bejar doesn’t work out very often due to her workload. “I try my best to find time in my schedule to exercise, but school leaves me very exhausted and with little time to work out during the weekdays,” Bejar said.   

Overall, it’s very important to keep one’s health in check, not only for academic refinement but also for the overall improvement of quality of life.

When a student athletes’ sports season comes, they have to practice various hours a week, and due to this can feel the difference in their daily performance. “Now that I’m practicing every day, I sleep better, I am more motivated to study since I spend so much time in the field, and I spend less time on my phone since I don’t have a minute to waste in my day,” defensive varsity lacrosse player, junior Arianna Borhan said. (Photo/Nina Vieira)

Exercising has been proven to be valuable as it contributes positively]y to various aspects of one’s daily life. “Working out makes me want to improve in other aspects of my life so that in the end I’ll only be better in the gym. For me it’s a win-win,” sophomore Elizabeth Schenker said. (Photo/Elizabeth Schenker)