FBLA and DECA: Business competitions dominate districts

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The Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) and Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) recently competed in their district competitions online this past January and performed extremely well. 

DECA is a business organization focused on preparing student entrepreneurs in the areas of finance, marketing, hospitality and management. The competition has three sublevels: prepared events, online simulations and role plays/case studies. 

FBLA aims to develop leadership skills that students will use later on in whatever field of study they go into. To accommodate a broad range of interests, FBLA has testing events from business law to medical management and even agribusiness. Students can compete in testing events, practicals or speaking events. 

50 students in DECA and 58 in FBLA are moving on to their respective state competitions being held this March in Orlando, Fla.  A full list of the winners can be found below.


  • Leo Cherevko – 1st place winner
  • Shreya Shammugam – 1st place winner
  • Sofia Zhuravska – 1st place winner
  • Sarah Dufays & Rosa Wu – 2nd place team winner
  • Taeyoung Kim & Charlotte Wu-2nd place team winner
  • Juhl Damley- 2nd place winner
  • Serenity Chan- 2nd place winner
  • Angelina Lin- 2nd place winner
  • Yash Singham- 2nd place winner
  • Devin Sanders-3rd place winner
  • Mark Gurevich & Elias Smith- 3rd place team winner
  • Daniel Groman-Sheedy & Evan Seifer- 3rd place team winner
  • Melissa Bermudez & Austin Klein- 3rd place team winner
  • Jacob Federici & Calvin Mathew-4th place team winner
  • Hamza Mairajuddin- 5th place winner
  • Grace Odom-Montbrun- 5th place winner
  • Giovanni Natale- 6th place winner
  • Kaashvi Bothra-7th place winner
  • Ethan Brady & Cameron Wright- 8th place team winner
  • Brandon Oltarsh & Javier Pastor- 8th place team winner
  • Anagha Iyer & Likhithia Selvan- 9th place winner
  • Isabelle Cipolla- 9th place winner
  • Zahra Khan & Veer Roy- 10th place winner
  • Maxim Kochkin- 10th place winner
  • Jake Perez-10th place winner

The following students also qualified for DECA states, placing in the top 16 in their categories.

  • Jordan Antevy
  • Ronak Patel
  • Benjamin Levy
  • Aleks Yarashevich
  • Nicolas Kwok
  • Nathan Lee
  • Lindsay Cheng
  • Vyom Mishra
  • Zoe Horwitz
  • Romir Mohan
  • Matthew Jeong
  • Kayla Giset
  • Luciana Villarreal Romero
  • Medha Balaji
  • Daniella Guenni

The following FBLA students placed top five in their category, with 58 of them moving on to states.

  • First Place: Mary Abi-Karam, Roma Agarwal, Alexander Allain, Diane Allain-Tereshchenko, Ethan Brady, Eva Brummer, Evan Burkeen, Melody Cheng, Maliha Daya, Emma Colarte Delgado, Ramon Diaz, Rebecca Etienne, Mark Gurevich, Taeyoung Kim, Logan Lary, Shania Mahmood, Rithvik Marri, Calvin Mathew, Akanksha Patra, Sebastian Salaues, Devin Sanders, Anagh Sangavarapu, Evan Seifer, Sharvaa Selvan, Zachary Shapiro, Yusef Sheikh, Sanshray Singh, Elias Smith, Rachel Stus, Nikita Vinnik, Cameron Wright, Rosa Wu and Christine Yu
  • Second Place: Leonid Cherevko, Juhi Damley, Sarah Dufays, Shengrui He, Zoe Horwitz, Anagha Iyer, Matthew Jeong, Jake Kludy, Aurora Lai, Mudit Marwaha, William McLane, CJ Morreale, Daniel O’Gorman-Sheedy, Anya Pinto, Mathis Rothschild, Isabella Sanders, Emanuel Sasson, Miranda Tantte and Charlotte Wu
  • Third Place: Melissa Bermudez, Luke Freed, Dev Jayram, Austin Klein, Romir Mohan, Yash Singam and Shreyan Singha
  • Fourth Place: Saumya Narang
  • Fifth Place: Anthony Lai

Sixth Place: Sebastian Temprano

DECA students pose with their medals and trophies  after attending the club’s awards ceremony. (Photo/Rivana Stadtlander)

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