Keep an eye out for the yearbook this year

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Yearbook members Ishaa Khosla (9), Isabella Fonte (12) and Luna Mancusco (9) view past examples of the yearbook to gain inspiration while they design their pages. (Photo/Emma Leonard)

Each school year the yearbook captures moments that make that year significant. There’s a whole staff who works the entire school year to create this anticipated book. They brainstormed to come up with themes to accurately represent this school year soon after they published last year’s book and designed templates for specific sections such as “Student Life.” 

“I gave them a lot of creative freedom with design in the student life section since the more creative spreads we have don’t fit into a template. For the most part we stick to the template in the rest of the sections, but maybe vary an element or two on each spread,” senior and Editor-in-Chief Emma Leonard said. 

Although yearbook is a full-year course, students don’t have to enroll in the class to participate and contribute. Student photographers can assist with taking photos of sports games and other events at school. 

Those taking the course can expect to learn how to write in Associated Press (AP) style, how to conduct interviews and design on Adobe Indesign.

Staff members gain information for the book through students, as well as faculty members. “I know I’m constantly emailing and texting people to set up interviews or have them send pictures,” Leonard said.  “They also pay attention to the people around them and keep up with the school instagram as well as our newspaper iPatriotPost to keep up with what’s going on around campus.” 

Members of the yearbook staff dedicate around 10 hours to the book each week. During the final week before publishing, they stayed after school and weekends to work on spreads, in addition to their time in class and during lunch; dedicating a grand total of about 30 hours in just that week. 

Students and faculty can look out for this year’s book during yearbook distribution days, which will be announced soon. For those who want to join the class or lend a helping hand, talk to the yearbook adviser Ms. Diana Adams at [email protected].

Senior Nithisha Makesh returns for her third and final year on the Patriot Post staff. She hopes to make this year memorable and one of the best. Besides writing articles and studying, she enjoys crocheting and watching Gilmore Girls. On campus, she is involved in numerous activities including Literary Magazine, EHS, The Urban Garden Initiative, The Butterfly Project, Girl Up, Moot Court, Quill and Scroll and Key Club.