NAHS holds end of the year party with origami and Crumbl cookies  

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The National Art Honor Society (NAHS) concluded the year with an end-of-year party featuring origami, music, snacks and Crumbl cookies. During the meeting, junior Jordan Steele and sophomores Alina Sukhovskaya and Lindsey Cheng, who are officers of the society, instructed members on creating a frog and two different flower designs using various origami papers.

“The process wasn’t that hard at all because Ms. Preston and the officer team were very cohesive in breaking up the workload; everybody contributed,” sophomore Lindsey Cheng, co-education chair, said.

As an origami master with five years of experience, Cheng was excited to teach designs to others. “Teaching origami was very fun for me. I normally do it by myself and follow video recordings, so it’s nice to give others the luxury of a live instructor who can correct mistakes as they happen,” she said. “I never had that when I started origami, so the first few models were really hard.”

Although the party was a success, trying to organize materials as well as budgeting were issues. “The most challenging part of the party setup was estimating how many Crumbl cookies to get,” junior Sarah Kanji, secretary, said. “Because the sign-up sheets weren’t really being used by the participants, it was hard to gauge how much we needed to buy while saving the most money.”

The Crumbl cookies proved to be popular among the attendees. “For me, the best part was the cookies just because I love sweets,” sophomore Reese Pasalodos said. “But the highlight would be the origami making, as that was pretty much the main activity we did.”

Each origami table had around three to five members and those who made origami flowers placed their designs into a vase to create a bouquet. “Thankfully, it wasn’t busy, so everyone got food and a place to sit; it was nice to try all the different cookie flavors and the origami making was really fun,” Pasalodos said.

NAHS plans to incorporate more hands-on activities for their meetings. Upcoming activities include jewelry making, glitter tattoos and even an “NAHS sketchbook,” where members will have their own page to decorate in the book.

Junior Jordan Steele, left, is taught  how to create a frog from origami paper. Sophomore Lindsey Cheng, middle, taught members how to create a simple flower design. Junior Sarah Kanji, right, roamed around the three tables and tried out different designs. (Photo/Ms. Andrea Preston) 

NAHS brought about 16 Crumb cookies to the party. The flavors included the newest Crumbl flavors: skillet cookie, confetti cookie and the cookies and cream krispy bar, as well as the age-old chocolate chip classic.(Photo/Sarah Kanji)

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