NAHS sends off its seniors with a surprise gift 

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The National Art Honor Society(NAHS) held its last meeting with seniors May 7. During the meeting, the members had the opportunity to pick out canvas frames and decorate them however they liked. Those who couldn’t finish their frames continued to work on it throughout the week. The idea came from Mrs. Andrea Preston, the club’s advisor. 

“I really didn’t have much inspiration for my design, I kind of just picked up a marker, and let my creativity flow from there,” sophomore Isabella Sanders, who is the club’s Communications Chair, said. “I am not a painter, nor can I draw very well; however, I do think that the bright colors and unique perspective made my frame as great as it could have been.”

The members had to think on the spot while designing their frames. “I did doodle-like patterns because I wanted to keep a young vibrant feel to the frame as the seniors are growing up, reminiscing their younger years,” junior Jenna Oweis, Media Design Chair, said. “I really like how the frame turned out and all the colors and doodles.” 

The activity allowed the members to be creative while connecting with their peers. 

“Receiving the colorful frames from the NAHS was a meaningful recognition for the seniors achievements, creativity and dedication to the arts/club,” senior Bianca Cook said. “The fact that they’re drawn by the members adds an extra layer of significance, knowing that they’re unique and made with creativity.”

Due to differing grades and classes, it can be difficult to bond as a team.“It was a really great send off to our seniors, and I believe it enhanced our connection with the upperclassmen,” Sanders said.

“It was a really cute project; it is great to see NAHS members getting involved in another hands-on project as a club,” senior Myron Murmanov, former co-president, said. Unlike other seniors, Murmanov decided to make his own design for his frame. He was inspired by his AP Art Portfolio, which featured his Ukrainian heritage.

The seniors who attended the meeting were grateful for the personal gift they received. Those who weren’t present will be receiving their gifts the following week, before their graduation.

NAHS is excited to incorporate more hands-on activities for its members in the following year. 

Sophomore Reese Pasalodos hands over her design to senior Jadyn Jacobson. For the design, Pasalodos included floral and abstract elements. (Photo/Bianca Cook)Sophomore Reese Pasalodos hands over her design to senior Jadyn Jacobson. For the design, Pasalodos included floral and abstract elements. (Photo/Bianca Cook)

Each member had a unique design for their own frames. For her own frame, senior Isabel Walchli personally asked junior Jenna Oweis to design it. (Photo/Andrea Preston)

Kayra is a rising junior who is passionate about art and journalism. She loves expressing herself and the issues she cares about through her writing and artworks. She holds officer positions in Newspaper, Quill&Scroll, and the National Art Honor Society. When not studying, Kayra loves to read nonfiction books, hangout with her friends, cook healthy meals, listen to music while creating art, and spend time with her cat and family. She is looking forward to her junior year as she prepares for AP Art and new articles to write.

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