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Bored during the winter break, I made the terrible decision to watch the Netflix original “Ginny and Georgia.” No amount of high-school experience or popcorn could prepare me for this show. In its  two seasons, “Ginny and Georgia” not only had underdeveloped characters, cringe lines and unrealistic scenarios but also inaccurately portrayed teenagers. 

Throughout the show, it felt like the director was rushing as random characters kept being introduced. Georgia’s, Ginny’s mother who is one of the female leads, past husbands kept appearing; she just had way too many love interests, which included Zion, Joe and Paul.

 In my opinion, Georgia and Zion’s break-up was unnecessary. It was also disappointing of the writers to showcase such a sweet encounter of Georgia and Joe as kids and then keep Joe as a side character. 

The teen characters’ dialogues contained many cringe lines and “slang” that modern teens don’t use. For example, in season two, episode one, after Ginny’s, daughter of Georgia who is the other female lead, friend group broke up, Max, one of Ginny’s friends,  said, “It’s the secrets for me.” The writers tried to incorporate Gen Z’s online comments in the show but failed due to how unnatural the conversations sounded. 

Similar to their dialogues, the teens’ actions were unrealistic. Hunter, Ginny’s ex-boyfriend, tap-danced for her in the middle of a school day and even kept writing her songs even though they had not met for more than a month. In general, it was only similar to real high-school relationships in the way that romantic relationships between the students were rushed and immature. 

The only moment I enjoyed throughout the show came in season two, when Max and Bracia, another one of Ginny’s friends, performed a duet for the theater performance. The vocals and costumes sounded and looked professional. However, even that could not save the terrible ending. As a watcher, it made me mad that all of Georgia’s efforts to live a normal and safe life went down the drain in the final episode; the show ended on a very bad note.

Overall, I am disappointed with Netflix this year. They discontinued many great shows, such as “Anne With An E,” took off iconic movies, such as “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” and chose to keep a show like “Ginny and Georgia” instead. The show will unfortunately come back with a third season in March.

Antonia Gentry, left, plays one of the main female characters, Ginny.  Brianne Howey, right, portrays the other main female character, Georgia. (Photo/Rotten Tomatoes)

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