School science fair winners revealed

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After months of hard work, 14 high school and ten junior high students were declared the winners of the school’s annual science fair. Science fair coordinator and biology teacher Mrs. Leya Joykutty released the winners Jan. 13. 

At the fair, students presented to three different judges from a panel consisting of teachers, doctors, engineers and science researchers. Contestants were asked to explain their procedures and findings, before answering questions from each judge. 

All twenty-four students will progress to the county science fair, Feb. 2-6. 


High School:

  1. Akansha Mehta
  2. Akshay Kumar
  3. Alejandra Abramson
  4. Amara Okpala
  5. Anagha Iyer
  6. Anik Bora
  7. Calvin Matthew
  8. Emma Delgado
  9. Iris Fan
  10. Jacob Federici
  11. Likhi Selvan
  12. Malcolm Owusu
  13. Maya Neeranjun
  14. Melodi Fugate

Junior High:

  1. Anjali Patel
  2. Arseny Zharkoy
  3. Ivan Kalashnykov
  4. Jacob Silverman
  5. Maximus Callis
  6. Olivia Chung
  7. Roma Agarwal
  8. Sohail Hai
  9. Vera Danzig
  10. Vid Yash

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