Seniors, do these four things before graduating

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As graduation looms closer and closer, with “days remaining” countdowns on classroom whiteboards and college commitment posts on Instagram, seniors can’t help but feel a twinge of sadness—no matter how much joy and relief comes along with it.

Before we move into this new period of our lives, I think there are some things we should do to cement our high school experiences into our memories. Here are four things I recommend:

1. Make a time capsule with your friends.

To remember the people you’ve spent the past four years with, compile a few personal belongings that best reflect your friendships or experiences. I think that doing this as a group will be great, because it will also double as an excuse to reconnect with these friends a few years down the road so that you can open up the time capsule. Make sure to leave some form of long-term contact information in the capsule just in case phone numbers change.

2. Organize a beach day with your friends.

Most friend groups have a “regular” hangout spot, like a restaurant or coffee shop. But since we live so close to the beach, and you and your friends might not have that same privilege in college, I think it’s worth it to visit the beach together one last time.

3. See a school play or sports game.

Our school’s musicals and plays are near-professional and the games are filled with a sense of adrenaline and excitement that you will surely miss after you go to college. So, take the opportunity to cheer on your friends and experience those moments again before you graduate.

4. Start journaling or make a scrapbook.

To remember these moments, especially all your “lasts,” I suggest writing about your experiences and emotions in a journal. You could also print out some photos and turn your journal into a scrapbook. Digital memories might be more convenient, but physical mementos can feel more personal. Alternatively, you could invite your friends over to all create the scrapbook together so that you can remember your high school experience within the context of the people who made it most valuable.

Senior Charlotte Wu enjoyed her experience attending Senior Sunrise in September 2023. As the weather warms up this spring, seniors should go to the beach a few more times before they graduate. (Photo/Anya Pinto)

Now a senior at American Heritage, Anya returns as Editor-in-Chief of the Patriot Post. With her passion for journalism, she is Co-President of the Quill and Scroll Honor Society. She started an organization called “ActionPAKT: Projects Advocating for a Kinder Tomorrow” to educate youth about current issues and help them take action; currently, she has expanded it to 15+ chapters in multiple countries, raising $17,000 within the Heritage chapter itself. As a Youth Ambassador for Bullets4Life, Anya advocates for gun control. She leads the top Model UN program in the nation as President, competing nationally and organizing conferences at school. To relax, Anya hangs out with friends, swims, goes on walks and binge watches Netflix. She loves the beach, good food and her lazy little dog Simba more than anything.