Songs for a Summer State of Mind

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*This article was written by staffer Olivia Chung*

Finally having the chance to sit down and relax after completing another year of school is one of the most rewarding feelings a student can have, and what better way to celebrate the start of summer vacation than with a few songs that are sure to get you in that sunshine mood. 

 Mr. Blue Sky – Electric Light Orchestra

A nostalgic classic rock piece, “Mr. Blue Sky” was named the happiest song on earth according to the science-based Feel-Good Formula for music. Remade by Weezer in 2019 after its debut in 1977, this song’s upbeat tempo and positive lyrics will surely get individuals of all ages dancing across the living room.

As it Was – Harry Styles

After being crowned the 2022 number one hit summer song by Billboard, award-winning “As it Was” continues to be a fan-favorite, having amassed 1.3 billion viewers on YouTube music and 3.3 billion listens on Spotify. Styles’s choice of a fast-paced tempo and overall uplifting composition contribute to the creation of a playful, cheerful beat—the perfect synopsis of summer.  

Never-Ending Summer – Wes Reeve

Unknown to most, Reeve intended “Never-Ending Summer” to tell the tragic tale of a couple’s doomed relationship. However, the overall composition of the song suggests a more lively mood. Although melancholy in message, this carefully-curated indie pop piece will leave you wanting more. 

Sunroof – Nicky Youre and dazy

Serving as the kick-off to Nicky Youre’s career as a singer/song-writer, “Sunroof” is the ideal summer song that’s perfect for long drives and late nights. This track offers an uplifting melody and will playfully tug at your memories of fun times under the sun. 

Sugarsweet – Zach Sorgen

Directly following the format for a stereotypical happy song, “Sugarsweet” makes a great addition to your 2024 summer playlist. This funky song will have you vibing along as you nod your head to the rhythm.

From making new memories to spending time with friends to expanding your playlists, summer holds the possibility for new opportunities. (Photo/Denys on Adobe Stock)