What is success?

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We always talk about yearning for success, a form of growth that shows how our input has had a positive output, but what is the real definition of success? Some consider success to be accomplishing a goal or becoming wealthy, while others define success as job security and financial stability. 

However, success is more than just living a lavish lifestyle; it means becoming a better version of yourself. It means you are able to stay loyal to your morals and standards, creating a positive impact on the surrounding community, locally or globally. 

Typically, society views success as money and a privileged status to be able to buy whatever catches your eye without thinking twice. “Media definition of success tells us it can be found in material possessions, status, and a life filled with luxury,” Steven Rose, Ph.D stated in an article, “The True Meaning of Success.” 

Personally, I feel that success revolves around character and appreciation for what is currently attained. It’s about making a contribution to the community, whether big or small, and just being able to say that your existence positively changed the life of another person, whether as a friend, partner, or relative. 

For example, individuals such as Malala Yousafzai embody the previous definition of success as she continued to speak out for girls’ education, even during times of oppression, leading to a global impact and inspiring many around the world. 

Although the definition of success is subjective and depends on an individual’s mindset and identity, success is a sequence of small steps of overcoming obstacles that lead to long-term change. Individuals should not fear success as a challenge, but rather utilize it to grow over time. 

Malala’s success is evaluated not by her wealth but through her voice which advocates for change. Success is a measure of an individual’s impact on the world today. (Photo/Wikimedia Commons) 

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