The best YouTubers to help you review for your AP exam

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As temperatures rise and the idea of a much-needed break finally approaches reality, there’s a stark reminder that AP exams are underway. However, exam season doesn’t always have to be stressful. Simply reviewing material early and consistently practicing, especially with certain experts, can relieve stress and prepare you for exams. Below are just a few AP teacher Youtuber recommendations:


Although his name may be misleading, TheOrganicChemistryTutor teaches a wide variety of subjects including general chemistry, physics, calculus and statistics. With his soothing Boston accent and easy-to-follow explanations, he teaches the very basics of each subject all the way to the nitty gritty principles that students  may struggle with. With over 7 million subscribers, he is a prominent figure in online academia that generations of students have relied on for years.

Human Geography/World History/U.S. History/Government/Macroeconomics/European History

Mr. Steve Heimler, better known as the face of Heimer’s History, is a high school teacher who has specialized in pretty much every AP History class there is. Because he is so experienced with these exams, Heimler designs his lesson material to be used as tools that students can recall in the Free-Response portion of their exams. He also hosts live-streamed reviews with thousands of students across the country tuning in and learning from him before they take their exams. 

Psychology/Human Geography

Mr. Riley Sinn teaches both AP Psychology and AP Human Geography on his YouTube channel Mr. Sinn. On this channel, he provides extensive explanations into specific concepts covered on the AP exams. In addition, he has playlists for each unit that are each around  five minutes long, for quick (and last-minute) review.

Senior Amara Okpala reviews logarithmic equations for her next AP Calculus BC test. “I’ve been watching TheOrganicChemistryTutor since my sophomore year to help me grasp concepts in both science and math,” Okpala said. (Photo/Lauren Wong)

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