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Thespians perform the one-act “Extremities”

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This article was written by Angela Lin, class of 2019.

After only 25 sporadic rehearsals, Thespians put on a performance of the one-act “Extremities” for District 12’s annual Thespian festival Jan. 4. The cast, consisting of only four students, snagged straight superiors along with the best actress, all-star technician and all-star cast member awards.

The one-act is about heroine Marjorie, who receives the unwanted attention of a stranger when he spots her riding her bike down the street. When Marjorie ignores his morning greeting, this already unstable man is pushed over the edge. Raul follows Marjorie home which leads to an attempt of rape.

“We chose the piece because it has the ability to make people cry and pull back. The judges want to be moved. As a director, I like to educate. When an audience leaves, they will leave having learned something,” said director Ms. Christina Wright. “The students worked their butts off. It was a serious journey and all the students took up the project in full dedication. That’s what makes this fine arts department so great because the students have passion and determination.

The students will head to the Thespian State Festival March 16-19 to perform the one-act Extremities once again.

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