Varsity Girls Soccer win Regional Quarterfinals title

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With possibly their last game on the line, the varsity girls soccer team took on  Suncoast High School at home to successfully win the Quarter Final title Tuesday, Feb. 7 at 7 p.m. 

“I feel nervous, excited and hyped all at the same time,” sophomore Annabelle Scarlett, number 20, who plays defense, said three hours before the game. “I am nervous because if we don’t win, our season will be over,” she said. “I am hyped because we played SunCoast before and won, but I don’t want to underestimate them.”

One hour before the game, both teams were on the field  practicing. During practice, coach Cindy Marcial emphasized how the team was like family and how their sense of community gave them an advantage. “We are a very young team with two seniors,” she said. “There are actually three sisters on the team together; we are just bonded.” 

Their rival for the game, found Heritage, a formidable opponent. “Honestly, I can’t say what the game will be like,” number 7 from SunCoast said. “It can go either way.” Although no matter how competitive it may get, both teams recognized the others’ passion and hard work as SunCoast’s coach, Terry Robinson, stated that he believed Heritage’s girls’ soccer team was “awesome.”

From the moment the first whistle blew, each player was locked in. Senior defender Dori Johnson, number 2, scored Heritage their first goal less than six minutes into the game. The team would keep up their strong performance as they ended the first half 3-0. Their game only improved by the second half. 

Almost thirty seconds into the second half, sophomore Samantha Villaverde, number 23, forward, scored a goal. The scoring hit a break as with 30 minutes left in the game, SunCoast and Heritage continued to fight for the ball. Neither were able to score a goal for the next ten minutes.   

However, Heritage was able to bring their flow back as they scored five goals in the next few minutes. Heritage player number 8, middle school defender Mattie Hall, saved a possible score by SunCoast, blocking SunCoast number 11 from scoring.

 Finally, with fifteen minutes left in the game, number 10, freshman Ava Cipolla, middle forward, scored the final goal and Heritage ended the game with a resounding  6-0 victory. Now the team’s next challenge, the semi-finals, awaits to be tackled.

The referees, Marissa V., Georgios and Enilda Rubianm participate in the game of the sport they all mutually love. All three have played soccer at some point in their lives and Rubian has been a referee at Heritage since 2008. “[Being a referee] is a lot of fun, especially because there is a lot of passion for the game during it,” she said.  (Photo/Kayra Dayi)

The crowd cheers for the first goal of the game, scored by Heritage. (Photo/Kayra Dayi)
Heritage player number 23, Samantha Villaverde, gets ready to score the fourth goal for Heritage. (Photo/Kayra Dayi)

Heritage’s varsity soccer girls team stands for their introductions, which was then followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. (Photo/Kayra Dayi)

After a long game, the girls celebrate their win. (Photo/DGJ Photography)

Freshman Ava Cipolla, number 10, and sophomore Samantha Villaverde, number 23, hug each other in celebration of Cipolla’s goal which marked the final goal of the successful game. (Photo/DGJ Photography)

Player 21, kicks the ball onto the opponent’s side of the field. (Photo/DGJ Photography)

Junior Lily Sargeant Burns, number 9, makes her run for the third goal of the game. (Photo/DGJ Photography)

Heritage wins the game 6-0, successfully managing to hold SunCoast to zero goals. (Photo/Kayra Dayi)

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