What to know about Florida’s primary election results

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With midterms only three months away, party-affiliated Florida voters flocked to the voting booth Aug 23 to determine which candidates would be representing their party come Nov 8. Since Florida is a closed primary state, only those officially registered for a party are allowed to vote in that party’s primaries. With governor, senator, attorney general and House positions all on the line, the upcoming midterm election will determine Florida politics for at least the next two years.


Incumbent Republican governor Ron DeSantis is a polarizing figure in Florida politics: he is so popular among members of his own party that he placed second in a 2022 straw poll for ideal Republican presidential candidate (only behind former president Donald Trump), yet his support of the “Don’t Say Gay” bill and handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has made him very disliked among Democrats. Meanwhile, former governor Charlie Crist, who was originally elected as a Republican in 2007 but switched parties, won the Democratic primary with nearly 60% of the vote. However, beating DeSantis will be a difficult feat according to Newsweek since polls show DeSantis in the lead, not to mention Florida has been leaning more Republican in recent years. It is unlikely that these factors can be overcome by Crist, but one thing is certain: many eyes will be on this important election.


One Senate seat is up for re-election this year, that of Republican Senator Marco Rubio, who will be running against Democrat representative Val Demings. A former police chief, Demings ran a TV campaign condemning the “Defund the police” slogan pushed by other members of her party, presumably in an attempt to appeal to independent and undecided voters. Meanwhile, Rubio has held on to his seat since 2011, winning two elections in a row, and hopes to continue that winning streak. As a Cuban-American, Rubio appeals to the sizable Cuban immigrant population in Florida who may consider him relatable. Also, according to Congressional news source Roll Call, Republicans have been running a narrative—regardless of truth—that Democrats promote socialism, which most Cuban voters do not approve of, further adding to Rubio’s support. Polls are mixed, but Rubio looks like he will come out on top. Regardless, this election will likely be very close.


After redistricting in 2020, Florida gained a new seat in the House, bringing its total to 28 representatives. The new District 25 (formerly District 23) covers parts of Broward County and Miami-Dade County, with incumbent Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz vying to keep the seat she has held since 2004. The new District 25 is a Democratic stronghold, but Republican candidate Carla Spalding hopes to upend the status quo after losing to Wasserman Schultz in 2020. Spalding even raised more money than Wasserman Schultz this cycle. Still, as a high-ranking Democrat in the Appropriations committee who lives in a strongly Democratic area, Wasserman Schultz is likely to hold on to her seat.

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