Celebrities jump onto the emoji bandwagon

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Many people use emojis to liven up their text or email conversations. In fact, according to Swyft Media, 74 percent of Americans use about 96 emojis per day.

With the growing popularity of emojis across the globe, celebrities have created some of their own. Kim Kardashian was the first to release her emoji keyboard in December 2015. Some of the emojis featured on “Kimoji” include facial expressions, the Kardashians’ favorite foods and GIFs. In fact, so many people downloaded “Kimoji” that the Apple Application Store temporarily crashed after its release. After the huge success of “Kimoji,” other celebrities such as Amber Rose, Steph Curry, Justin Bieber and Charlie Sheen created emoji keyboards of their own. Justin Bieber’s keyboard, “Justmoji,” was released June 3 and features customizable GIFs. “Justmoji” is currently number seven on the entertainment chart in the Apple Application Store.

Similar to how companies such as Ikea and CNN use emojis as a marketing tool, celebrities use emojis to gain popularity. According to Oliver Camilo, founder of Moji Incorporated, “It helps the artist let users evangelize for them. You text your friend an emoji of Rick Ross crying and Rick Ross just got free marketing.”

Emoji keyboards can be purchased on the App Store for anywhere between 99 cents and $2.99. After buying an emoji keyboard, it is automatically loaded into messaging apps. As more celebrities create emojis and update their keyboards, it is safe to say that text conversations with Mom will not be so boring anymore.

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