Restaurant review: Yard House

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Located at Sawgrass Mills Mall, near the Regal Sawgrass Movie Theater, the Yard House restaurant offers a wide variety of scrumptious food options on their menu in a comfortable setting.

Yard House has numerous savory appetizer options on their menu. On my most recent trip there, I tried the Queso Dip, which includes melted cheddar cheese with roasted poblano and chipotle peppers, served with warm flour tortillas and chips. The dip was steamy and delicious and was unlike any other queso I’ve tried. The flavor of the cheese did not lack depth, and the chipotle added a little kick that was not too much to handle.

The Korean BBQ Beef Rib Tacos at Yard House Restaurant are served with spicy green papaya and takes a unique twist on a traditional taco. (Photo/Carrie Kuecks)

Next, I ordered two street tacos: the Baja Fish Taco and the Grilled Korean Beef Short Rib Taco to sample. The Baja Fish Taco is served with cabbage, cilantro, pico de gallo, guacamole and sriracha aīoli. The taco had a fresh taste and was full of flavor with each bite. I was particularly a fan of the refreshing guacamole and acidic pico de gallo added to the top of the taco.

The Grilled Korean Beef Short Rib Taco included Korean steak barbecue, spicy green papaya, melted cheese, green onion and sriracha aīoli. This taco was my personal favorite because of how delicious the Korean barbecue steak was and the unique idea mixing Korean BBQ with tacos. This taco had a little more zest and spiciness than the Baja Fish taco, so it might not be for the mild-tongued. However, if you are a fan of Korean BBQ, I would highly recommend it, as this new take is a flavor spectacle.

To end the meal with a tasty dessert, I ordered the mini trio sampler, which features crème brûlée, peach apple cobbler and a chocolate soufflé cake. The dessert trio is perfect for splitting with a small group of friends and is an excellent way to try three different desserts for the price of one. The peach apple cobbler was my favorite and included steaming peach and apple slices, along with crispy cobbler bits and vanilla ice cream. The crème brûlée was also delicious and featured burned banana slices with a creamy dairy custard. Lastly, the chocolate soufflé cake was warm, gooey and was served with a soothing vanilla ice cream, which was both a nice change in temperature and richness. I appreciated that the chocolate soufflé did not dry my mouth too much but still was rich and flavorful.

The Yard House Restaurant dessert trio platter is an excellent way to try three different (and delicious) desserts. (Photo/Carrie Kuecks)

Overall, I would highly recommend visiting the Yard House Restaurant on your next trip to Sawgrass Mills Mall. With a diverse range of food, drink and dessert options at a convenient location, you are sure to enjoy the experience.

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