Delegates develop skills at Model UN Conference 

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American Heritage Broward hosted the second Heritage’s Unified Delegation Model United Nations (HUDMUN) conference at American Heritage Palm Beach May 25. This conference presented an opportunity for students to debate numerous pressing issues and address solutions in response to it. “HUDMUN went very well this year. A lot of inexperienced and novice delegates were able to get a broader picture of what Model UN is. This conference also proved to be a valuable experience for me as I saw lots of different approaches in both back room and front room, which helped me reflect on my own approaches during conferences,” junior Kaitlyn Dunne said. 

 Matthew Ruiz presented for his United Nations Security Council (UNSC) committee during the closing ceremony. “I think that the conference went really well. It was nice to foster connectivity with the Boca campus and get to see what their campus looks like. I had a really great experience talking to the other delegates, some who were already my friends, and meeting some new friends. Overall it was a nice experience in my UNSC committee, and we had a lot of fun solving real world problems with some interesting solutions. It was a pleasure and an honor to be voted as the Plenary Speaker for my committee and be able to give a recap and some final words about our committee at the awards ceremony. My Chair Ian Lumer and Crisis Manager Thomas Gioia ran a really smooth committee and it was a pleasure to have them,” junior Mathew Ruiz said.

Awards for each committee: 

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

Best Delegate: Brody Kaplan

Outstanding Delegate: Emilee Fernandez

Honorable Delegate: Niko Gogonis 

Verbal Commendation: Jules Guan

Plenary Speaker: Brody Kaplan

United Nations Security Council (UNSC)

Best Delegate: Zayn Charania

Outstanding Delegate: Jade Capella

Honorable Delegate: Ava Weissman

Verbal Commendation: Zain Masood

Plenary Speaker: Matthew Ruiz

Book Award: Ava Cipolla

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

Best Delegate: Max Friedman

Outstanding Delegate: Michaela Shtaynberg

Honorable Delegate: Gabriella Boyar

Verbal Commendation: Nicholas Diaz

Plenary Speaker: Max Friedman

World Health Organization (WHO)

Best Delegate: Wania Saif

Outstanding Delegate: Hamid Moghaddam Adames

Honorable Delegate: Alexis Guyodou 

Plenary Speaker: Julia Diez

Pre-Korean Civil War Crisis

Best Delegate: Angeliah Pierre

Outstanding Delegate: Camila Zaghul Schillaci

Honorable Delegate: Alexa Pla

Plenary Speaker: Felipe Thormann

John Gotti Man-Hunt Crisis

Best Delegate: Lucas Siquiera 

Outstanding Delegate: Samuel Danzig

Honorable Delegate: Isabella Guenni

Verbal Commendation: Sophia Reid

Plenary Speaker: Samuel Danzig

Dune Crisis

Best Delegate: Sar Nandi

Outstanding Delegate: Angelo Velez

Honorable Delegate: Shreyas Baghel

Verbal Commendation: Alina Mosquera

Plenary Speaker: Sar Nandi

Angeliah Pierre won Best Delegate, the highest award for UNESCO. “My chair Gian Carlo thoroughly explained the crisis to the beginners and made the environment welcoming. The back room staff were funny and imaginative when making crisis updates, or updates with the current conference issue that we have to react to. I learned a lot about MUN through the experience and I can’t wait to do it again.” sophomore Angeliah Pierre said. (Photo/Emma Colarte Delgado)

Students had time to speak, draft resolutions, and argue their cases to try to find solutions in each committee. Chairs chose to have crisis updates to speed up the process of getting new resolutions. (Photos/Emma Colarte Delgado)

Cara, a rising sophomore at American Heritage, is excited to be joining the Patriot Post this year. As a listener, communicator, and constant observer, she often expresses herself through writing. Cara is in Speech and Debate, Model UN, Key Club, and SGA. During her free time, Cara enjoys socializing and loves hanging out with friends at the beach or shopping at the mall.