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Dr. Couper shares her experiences as “a plant-based teacher”

Whether it may be sponsoring three clubs on campus, switching to a plant-based diet or never wearing any clothing made with real animal fur, there is no doubt that Dr. Couper, who teaches Honors Chemistry, profoundly cares about the planet. She tries to help the environment as much as she can, both inside and outside school. Dr. Couper has adopted a healthy lifestyle both for herself and the planet. (Photo/Dr. Couper) Keep Reading


Ms. Quinn plans to take on Antarctica

Not many people can say they have visited Antarctica (just over 56,000 tourists visited during the 2018-2019 season out of the world population of almost eight billion, equaling 0.007% of the population), but English teacher Lisa Quinn and her family are planning to check the continent off their bucket list soon. (Photo/Lisa Quinn-Gonzalez) Keep Reading


Mrs. Sydney Herman

Mrs. Sydney Herman, academic advisor, loves to spend her time helping kids. With two kids of her own, whom she describes as her “inspiration and motivation in life,” Mrs. Herman chose a career in academic advising in order to help other children. (Photo/Mrs. Sydney Herman) Keep Reading

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