Exploring student decor options 

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Houses display culture, identity and interests. They offer individuals a place to rest and relax. Houses are decorated differently to suit the preferences of their owners. Below are ways students emphasize culture in their personal spaces and make their rooms feel a little more like home:

Amethyst Geodes

Amethyst geodes are valued for their spiritual and physical appearance. Besides their lustrous inner crystals and intricate exterior, they represent growth through increased consciousness. “My family has shared a history of using amethyst geodes to attract positive spirituality into our home,” sophomore Doreen Li said. Li uses geodes to decorate and bring serenity to her space. The stones are believed to aid in the stimulation of harmony around one’s house and add a colorful pop of color to her house. (Photo/Doreen Li)

Kinder Joy Eggs

Kinder Chocolate is a confectionary brand that primarily focuses on creating a wide range of chocolates through various shapes. Above is a Kinder Chocolate collectible decoration item that represents the Kinder Joy Egg that features chocolate along with a small surprise toy inside. The chocolate products are commonly sold in local grocery stores in the United States. “As a chocolate lover myself, I enjoy using the collectible Kinder Joy Egg to decorate my room because it brings a light-hearted mood with its joyful smile,” Junior Iris Fan said. Fan uses her Kinder egg to add a unique, colorful aspect to her room. (Photo/ Iris Fan)


With origins from the Ojibwa tribe of North America, dreamcatchers have supposedly played an important role in protecting sleeping individuals from nightmares. “I have kept this dream catcher on the left side of my room to protect me from nightmares. It has been with me since childhood and I cherish its intricate designs,” sophomore Yevanhelina Prokhniava-Hetman said. The positive dreams flow through, while the negative are caught in the web-like structure. Porokhiava-Hetman hangs a dream catcher in her room because of its spiritual significance, helping protect her loved ones. (Photo/Yevanhelina Porokhniava-Hetman) 

South Korean Hanbok 

The image above features a feminine South Korean children’s hanbok hung as a decorative house piece. Typically, the clothing piece is worn on cultural celebrations like Lunar New Year. Hanboks are intricately designed with vibrant colors and various fabrics. “My hanbok has played an important role in my life because it has captured many of my childhood memories. I remember how confident and beautiful I felt when I wore it for the first time,” sophomore Abrianna Yu said. Displaying them in a house can help showcase cultural traditions as a cultural centerpiece, such as it is with Yu. (Photo/ Abrianna Yu)

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