The Mango Tree 

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i watched her grow from a young age: 

her delicate leaves hardening into foliage, 

her bare trunk thickening, 

her many children blossoming. 

though she stands strong, dauntless,

she endures struggles within, restless. 

caressing her dandelion hearted-pits, 

she exhaustedly endures her grits. 

she has been my totem of support,

the collector of my tears, and the observer of my rapport. 

we grew together each day, surviving the hardships of earth, 

and entwining the characteristics of our worth. 

as she battles nature’s wispy winds and hollowing hurricanes, 

i withstand my sinking scars and potent pains. 

like the longing sand yearning for the crashing waves along the coast, 

we have each other, and that’s what matters most. 

Mango trees symbolize the fertility and growth described in the poem. The plant connects my feelings to the challenging world around me. (Photo/Wikimedia Commons – Dinesh Valke)

Nicholas, a sophomore at American Heritage, is excited to write with the Patriot Post for a second year. With a passion for writing and science, he often creates poetry or performs science research. His favorite hobbies are listening to different kinds of music, collecting albums, and figure skating. Outside of writing-related activities, he participates actively in extracurriculars ranging from Dead Poet’s Society to Key Club to tennis. He hopes to positively impact others through writing by promoting creativity and inspiring future generations!