Expressions releases 2023 Literary Fair results

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Back for another year, Expressions — Heritage’s official Literary Magazine — released its winners for the 2022-2023 school year. Students across grade levels submitted their best creative work, whether in prose, poetry or art form, to be judged by a panel of faculty and other volunteers.

“We sent submissions from teachers to our amazing volunteer judges during winter break. We received the names of the winning pieces Jan. 23,” co-editor of Expressions, senior Nithisha Makesh, said. “Then, we send first place winners to the Broward County Literary Fair.” Works from schools around the county are judged with prizes going to the top three in each category.

Below, find out the winners, and make sure to check out Expressions’ website here. The new pieces will be published March 1.

First Place:

Madison Jacobowitz- The Effect of Unrealistic Beauty Standards on a Teenage Girl  (Formal Essay)

Joshua McMurray- The Fight for Gay Rights (Informal Essay)

Kieran Gill- The Brothers of Gifts and Greed (Myth)

Chris Levine- The Foot That Flipped My Life (Personal Narrative)

Felipe Salvador- Shopping with Vlad (Political/Satirical Cartoon)

Ellaheh Gohari- The Twin Boys of Texas (Scene Writing)

Alina Sukhovskaya- The Echo of the Old Cathedral (Short Story)

Sarah Mitre- Another Spring (Poetry Interpretation Poster)

Jack Finneran- To My Father (Cinquain)

Sofia Toledo- Little Dove (Free Verse)

Angeliah Pierre- Spoken Word Performance (Spoken Word)

Matheus Linhares Guedin- Woken By the Sea (Haiku)

Elisa Guillerm- Ode to my Forbidden Love (Ode)

Lindsay Brasner- In My Own Little World (Two Voice)

Lucas Torres- My Conversation with the Moon (Rhymed Verse)

Emma Grifith- The City That Never Sleeps (Rhymed Verse)

Juan Ruiz- Sonnet to Thee (Sonnet)

Cristina Escardo- Broken Promise (Villanelle)

Maya Moore- The Untold Tale (Ekphrastic Poem)

Saanvi Kaul- Harrison Bergeron (Novel/Short Story Poster)

Kaitlyn Lee- Alas Babylon (Shrinklit)

Second Place:

Jiajing Tu- The Development of Globalization (Formal Essay)

Dhruv Khosla- The Mortal Gods (Myth)

Leigh Ross- Swimming With the Sharks (Personal Narrative)

Maximiliano Gonzalez- The Gambler’s Deed (Scene Writing)

Shivesh Patel- The Briefcase (Short Story)

Patrick Pearse- What My House Would Look Like If It Were A Person (Poetry Interpretation Poster)

Emily Huang- Mrs. Reeves (Cinquain)

Heather Johnson- Campfire (Free Verse)

Matheus Linhares Guedin- Nature’s Kind (Haiku)

Xujie Cheng ( Jeffrey Cheng)- The Light (Ode)

Kaitlyn Lee- Little Child (Rhymed Verse)

Rajam Arunprakash- Truth (Ekphrastic Poem)

Porter Jump- The Odyssey (Novel/ Short Story Poster)

Jack Leonard- Lord of the Flies: A Savage Story (Shrinklit)

Third Place:

John Pineiro- Ray Bradbury Message Toward Technology (Formal Essay )

Sofa Teramoto- Gluttony (Myth)

Kayla Giset- When Love Conquers War (Personal Narrative)

Maximiliano Gonzalez- Sibling Reunion (Scene Writing)

Kayra Dayi- Flower Field (Short Story)

Kylie McCarthy- Hidden Journal (Free Verse)

Matheus Linhares Guedin- The Light at the End of the Forest (Free Verse)

Summer Collier- Sunshine (Haiku)

Angelica Munoz- The Sun Temple’s Protector (Comic Strip)

Honorable Mention:

Angela Resta- Kenya and the Three Kits (Children’s Book)

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