Junior high students stretch their literary skills at Lit Fair

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Junior high students were recognized for their literary works in this year’s edition of the Junior High literary fair. First place winners will have the opportunity to compete in and place in the county competition. 

Middle school categories differ slightly from high school categories, and they also are judged separately from the older students. Below, see the winners from each category:


Children’s Book 

  1. “The Adventures of Capper and Dapoer the Capybaras” by Chase Goldrich
  2. “Wildflowers” by Olivia Chung 
  3. “The Jungle Competition” by Lola Aycart 


  1. “Rose’s Thorns” by Marisa Quatela 

Formal Essay 

  1. Ernest Hemingway: Dawn of the New Generation by Olivia Chung 

Literary Comic Strip

  1. The Book Thief, The Word Shaker – by Taylor Curtis 


  1. “The How of Mushrooms” by Carolina Pineda 

Personal Narrative 

  1. “Little Bear” by Julian Lupolover 
  2. “Decoding Dyslexia” by Ava Kavan 
  3. “Mazel Tov” by Sophie Masel 

Political Cartoon 

  1. “Of course we’re equal!” by Marisa Quatela
  2. “I’m fine.” by Ella Corrado 
  3.  “It’s just a phase!” by Christine Yu 

Short Story (Major)

  1. “Satya” by Diane Allain-Tereshcenko
  2. “The Lottery” by Skyler Davis
  3. “The Mind-Controlling Music” by Arisa Porter 


Poetry Movie Poster 

  1. “Chocolate” by Rita Dove Artist: Cameron Caprara

Poetry Interpretation Poster

  1. “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou Artist: Laura Monsalve Jacome
  2. “Legal Alien” by Camila Galindo Reyes
  3. “Manipulation” by Trevor Thompson by Victorija Vencius (Tacher)


  1. Brianna Malloy 
  2. Carolina Pineda 
  3. Anthony Fateev 



  1. “Beauty Standards” by Carolina Pineda
  2. “Curing Our Minds” by Gabi Otero 
  3. “What Could Have Lived” by Vera Danzig 


  1. “Spring Hideaway” by Arisa Porter 
  2. “Flitter Flatter” by Sophie Masel 
  3. “The Midnight Ambush” by Anisabel Diaz Perez 

Copy Make 

  1. “Friend to Friend” by Makayla Montenegro 
  2. “Self to Future Self” by Brianna Malloy 
  3. “From Me to You” by Nicole Aycart 


  1. “Nature’s Artist” by Andre Midawale
  2. “Cold, Yet Warm” by Roma Argawal 
  3. “The Cycle” by Anthony Fateev

Free Verse

  1. “Carolyn, Queen of my Insomnia” by Sofia Barrera
  2. “Forgotten” by Chase Goldrich 
  3. “A Drowning Hope”by Pascal Brinkmann


  1. “Nature’s Breath” Francesca Dadios Perry 
  2. “Ruins” by Nikolas Mantis 
  3. “Sun Shower” by Parker Surtain 


  1. “Ode to Dance” by Gabriela Otero 
  2. “Ode to Hockey” by David Gonzalez 
  3. “Ode to Spring” by Sophie Masel 

Two Voice

  1. “Life and Death” by Eesha Shah 
  2. “Wilt” by Isabel Gurvitch 
  3. “Pre-Posthumous Spirits” by Sofia Barrera 


  1. “Echoes of the Soul” by Lance Stus 
  2. The Great Battle” by Isabel Gurvitch 
  3. “Emotions Unveiled” by Rachel Stus 


  1. “Love” by Gabriella Otero 
  2. “Will it be enough?” Gabriella Boyar


  1. “Hard Cruel Rains”  – Sophie Hochwald – based on “There Will Come Soft Rains” 
  2. “Seasons Changing” – Rowan Cicero based on “There Will Come Soft Rains” 
  3. “Free” – Diane Allain-Tereshchenko based on “Enchanted Night” 


  1. “The Moon” by Tomas Oviedo Santimone 
  2. An Element’s Soliloquy by Sofia Barrera 
  3. “Heart Over Skill” by Bryce Bernheim 

Spoken Word 

  1. Sophia Krauss Almonacid


  1. “Comfort” by Diego Baisch Miranda 
  2. “The Joy of Reading” by Francesca Dadios Perry 
  3. “Childhood” by Anthony Fateev 

Junior Ella Gohari is entering her third year on the Patriot Post staff and second year as co-Print-Editor-in-Chief. After co-leading the Patriot Post last year, she is excited to continue taking the Patriot Post to new heights in the year ahead. She has done research with Mrs. Joykutty since 6th grade, and is now editor-in-chief of the Sigma Xi Science Society’s magazine. On weekends, she volunteers with Village Book Builders and OTTER to teach underprivileged children, and is also peer tutor chair for the Science National Honor Society. She hopes you enjoy your time reading the Patriot Post.