MÅNESKIN performs at Hard Rock Live

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MÅNESKIN, an Italian rock band who have topped charts with their popular songs, such as “Beggin’” and “I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE,” performed at Hard Rock Live Dec. 9. The crowd included a diverse range of listeners. 

For their “The Loud Kids Tour,” MÅNESKIN played their unreleased song “KOOL KIDS” as well as slow, sad songs along with upbeat ones. 

During the concert, MÅNESKIN engaged with the audience, oftentimes even going into rows. The bassist, Victoria De Angelis, crowd surfed among the pit and even got lost in the crowd. The guitarist, Thomas Raggi, involved those who did not sit as close to the stage by going into the upper rows. 

“MÅNESKIN were extremely lively and interactive performers, oftentimes directly involving the crowd in their performance,” sophomore Cristina Escardo said. “I was impressed by both their stage presence and live performance.”

Escardo was not the only listener who noticed the band’s vocals and presence. Iggy Pop, also known as the “Godfather of Punk,” praised MÅNESKIN a day before their concert in an interview with NME

“That’s a really strong band. [Damiano David] is an amazing singer and the bass player, [Victoria de Angelis] really handles that position well and doesn’t overplay, but on stage and in their videos, she really stays with the message, woo, she’s a firecracker,” Pop said. He complimented the rest of the members as well.

MÅNESKIN was able to make the crowd rock n’ roll and sway to the sad melodies of their songs with their phone flashlights turned on all within the same two hours. The crowd was hyped during lively songs such as “SUPERMODEL” and “MAMMA MIA,” but sorrowful during slower songs such as “THE LONELIEST” and “CORALINE.”

“I loved when MÅNESKIN performed ‘CORALINE’ and ‘MAMMAMIA,” Escardo said. “The crowd adored both songs and the energy in the room was amazing.”

MÅNESKIN is currently still on their tour, touring all throughout the U.S. Music listeners who are interested in rock might want to check them out. Their next stop is Las Vegas, Nevada Dec.16.

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